KaBOOM! Go Out & Play Essentials Pack Review

KaBOOM! Go Out and Play Essentials Park Review - Imagine Toys - Todlling Around Chicagoland #ad

Imagine Toys asked me if I wanted to get my kids outside to play and, of course, I said yes! They sent me a KaBOOM! Go Out and Play Essentials Pack so our family could get active.

With each purchase of the KaBOOM! Go Out and Play Essentials Pack from Imagine Toys, a minimum of 8% will go to national non-profit organization KaBOOM! to help bring balanced and active play to children, especially those growing up in poverty.

The KaBOOM! Go Out and Play Essentials Pack comes with:

  • a KaBOOM! backpack (in your choice of orange or purple)
  • a KaBOOM! Go Out and Play book
  • 2 boxes of large chalk (6 pieces total)
  • 2 jump ropes
  • an 8 1/2 inch playground ball
  • a plastic flying disc

The book includes lots of games to get kids (and adults!) active, and includes games for all ages and numbers of players. I saw a lot of games I remembered from my childhood, including Kick the Can (FUN!) and Red Rover. (Disclosure: I was personally traumatized playing Red Rover as a child and hated it because I was ALWAYS picked and NEVER broke through and was kind of scared so I ALWAYS let go and let other people run through, but I’m sure others had more positive experiences with this game.) Some of the games require lots of people, so they’d be great for a party or a neighborhood group of kids; some of them are even games my kids played in summer camp. Some games require other supplies than what’s included in the Pack, but they’re things you probably already have, like tennis balls, cardboard boxes, and beach balls.

KaBOOM! Go Out and Play Essentials Pack - Imagine Toys - Toddling Around Chicagoland

The kids were excited to tear into the KaBOOM! pack. We used the chalk to play some hopscotch and the kids love playing with chalk on the driveway and on our backyard chalkboard.

KaBOOM! Go Out and Play Essentials Pack - Imagine Toys - Toddling Around Chicagoland

It’s nice that two jump ropes are included because both boys got to try them out; they’re always happy when they don’t have to take turns. The kids aren’t exactly good at jumping rope, but they had fun with it anyway and they’re looking forward to practicing and getting better at it.

KaBOOM! Go Out and Play Essentials Pack - Imagine Toys - Toddling Around Chicagoland

The ball in the pack is a nice rubber ball like the ones you play with in elementary school. The kids decided to play catch so Dexter tossed the ball to Cooper, who caught it and tossed it back. Dexter didn’t catch it, but yelled, “Hey! Cooper threw the ball at me! He hit my arms!” Okay, so we may need to practice catching a bit, too.

KaBOOM! Go Out and Play Essentials Pack - Imagine Toys - Toddling Around Chicagoland

Luckily, both kids can handle the flying disc. If we can manage to keep it out of the neighbors’ yard I’ll be pretty happy.

KaBOOM! Go Out and Play Essentials Pack - Imagine Toys - Toddling Around Chicagoland

This would be a fun thing to keep in the car for impromptu trips to the park or anytime you need to keep the kids busy for a little while. It would also be great on road trips! Pull it out at a rest stop or pack to help everyone stretch their legs and get active for a little while.

You can purchase your own KaBOOM! Go Out and Play Essentials Pack at Imagine Toys.


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