Chiquita Swap Your Snacks Mission – #CrushedIt

I’m always on the lookout for new and healthy snacks for me and my family. We’re on the go a lot so convenience is important, too. Chiquita has a great new crushed fruit snack product so I was anxious to try it out. I picked up several bottles at Dominick’s – they had banana & strawberry, banana & blueberry, banana & pineapple, & banana & mango.

John and I were both impressed by the ingredients; the ingredients in the banana & strawberry one for example are: strawberry puree, banana puree, apple juice, orange juice, and orange pulp. It’s two full servings of fruit. I like that the bottles are small enough that Cooper will actually finish it and they’ll fit easily into our cooler bag with our lunch. I’d much rather have a snack of 100% fruit for myself and the kids than a snack of animal crackers or sugary fruit snacks. 

I really like the banana & pineapple. Cooper loved the banana & strawberry. He finished it and said, “Okay, can I try another one now?” He loved the banana & pineapple and banana & mango ones too.

We brought some Chiquita crushed fruit snack product with us on a playdate to share with friends. The kids were a little unsure, but my friend loved it and took a few bottles home with her.

Chiquita #CrushedIt

This project has been compensated as part of a #CrushedIt mission for Chiquita.  All opinions are my own. #Collective Bias


  1. The Blueberry Banana was my favorite – and I got the girls to try it at home (Autumn loved it, Althea didn't). The Pineapple Banana was good too and I agree that the size is perfect!

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