Modern Map Art Review

I was born in Chicago. I lived near Midway Airport (and by “near” I mean one block over) until I moved away for college, and then law school, when I was 21. After law school, I returned to Chicago, to the same house I grew up in. John and I bought the house from my […]

Meet Grizzy, Our New Fisher-Price Smart Toy

There are lots of choices for kids toys this holiday season, but I think you’ll be especially interested in meeting our new toy/friend, the Fisher-Price Smart Toy Monkey. Grizzy arrived at our door a few weeks ago and Campbell’s eyes grew wide when he saw the box and demanded we help him open it. Inside […]

WaterWipes for Wee Ones

Having a baby means lots of diaper changes, which means lots of diapers and even more wipes. I can’t even imagine how many wipes we’ve used in the 8 years since I became a mother, and I thought once the diaper stage was over we’d be done with wipes too, but it turns out we […]

Coloring Animal Mandalas Review and Giveaway

It’s not usually big news when we get a new coloring book in our house – with three kids under 8 we have a lot of them – but we got one recently that’s different from the others. Coloring Animal Mandalas is a coloring book for adults, with intricate designs. Full disclosure here: I received […]

VTech InnoTab 3S Plus Review and Giveaway

We love electronics in our house. The kids are constantly asking to use my phone (that’s a big NO, mostly because I’m selfish and don’t trust them not to break it) or they’re staring over John’s shoulder when he’s using his tablet. A couple weeks ago we got a VTech InnoTab 3S Plus Learning Tablet. […]

KaBOOM! Go Out & Play Essentials Pack Review

Imagine Toys asked me if I wanted to get my kids outside to play and, of course, I said yes! They sent me a KaBOOM! Go Out and Play Essentials Pack so our family could get active. With each purchase of the KaBOOM! Go Out and Play Essentials Pack from Imagine Toys, a minimum of […]

Moxie Jean – Upscale Resale for Kids

I love a good bargain, especially on children’s clothing. It seems like they outgrow it so fast and even with three boys and tons of hand-me-downs it seems like there are always clothes getting ripped or stained that need to be replaced. I shop sales when I can, and I love to shop at thrift […]

JORD Wooden Watches – Review & Giveaway

Every once in a while I get offers to try out new products. I try to choose really useful or unique products that I think other parents will be interested in reading about, and Jord wooden watches fit both of those categories. (Pictured above from left to right are watches from the Fieldcrest, the Sully, and […]

Ozeri Instavac Green Earth Food Storage Container Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. I’m not a big fan of grocery shopping and, although I like cooking when I can relax and enjoy it, I don’t enjoy the dinnertime scramble every night. As a result, I like to do a lot of shopping all at once and I often […]

Citrus Lane Box Review and Promo Code

I love getting a package in the mail and it’s even more fun when the contents are a surprise, so Citrus Lane is right up my alley. Citrus Lane offers monthly boxes – like care packages – of products for parents, babies, and young children. You provide the age of the child the box is […]

Saving Time and Money with Zaycon Foods

A few months ago I posted some information about Zaycon Foods in a post called Fresher, Faster, & Cheaper with Zaycon Foods. The information I posted had been provided from Zaycon Foods and I indicated that I was excited to get my first order of chicken from Zaycon, and now I want to share a […]

20 Days of Deals at Modnique

  Christmas is coming and I’m sad to say I’m behind on my Christmas shopping. I like to have the majority of my shopping done before Thanksgiving, but I’ve barely started. Luckily, I checked out Modnique the other day and doubled my progress on my list, plus I got a little something for me! For […]

Fun & Fundraising with The Pasta Shoppe – Review & Giveaway

It’s getting chilly and chilly weather calls for pasta. We recently received a sample package of pasta from the Pasta Shoppe and we’ve been enjoying some great hearty meals. The Pasta Shoppe sells pasta in fun shapes – every kind of theme you can think of from music to pink ribbon to zoo animals. Use […]

Funley’s Stix in the Mud Review

Halloween is coming so it’s time for candy. I was offered samples of Funley’s Stix in the Mud and I was intrigued because they’re all natural and made from whole grains – not something you usually hear about candy. Funley’s Stix in the Mud are: 100% natural Contain NO preservatives Contain NO trans fat Contain NO high […]

Ziggle the Day Away with Radio Flyer

Summer is officially gone, but I don’t think anyone told my kids; they’re as energetic and, well… crazy as before and really need to get their wiggles out. I’m thankful we’ve had some nice weather and we got a Ziggle! The Ziggle is a new ride-on toy from Radio Flyer, which moves when your child […]

Yummi Pouch Review

I’ve been packing lunches for years now for family outings, but I’m always hesitant to pack things like yogurt, applesauce, and smoothies. I’m cheap so I don’t buy the single-serve packages of them so I have to pack them myself. On the rare occasion that I do pack yogurt or applesauce I have to pack […]

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Airport Playset Review and Giveaway

    Now that Cooper’s in school all day Dexter and Campbell have lost their playmate. Both of them spent more time playing with Cooper than each other, so they’re starting to develop a better relationship now. Campbell’s too young for the things Dexter is usually playing with – LEGOs, playdough, etc – so I […]

The Children’s Place: The Place for Back to School

I’m one of those nerdy people who gets all excited about back-to-school shopping. I love the displays of notebooks waiting to be filled, pens & markers full of fresh ink, and cute backpacks and lunch bags. And school clothes! As much as I love summer, the displays of jeans and long pants and bulky fall […]

Chicago Recipe Giardiniera Sausages – Review and Giveaway

Chicago-style hot dogs are legendary and giardiniera is a favorite topping of many Chicagoans. Johnsonville combined giardiniera with smoked sausage to make Chicago Recipe Giardiniera Sausages and offer to let us try some, so Toddling Dad is taking over: Toddling Dad Here. Toddling mom recently asked me to try Johnsonville Chicago Recipe Giardiniera Sausages. I have […]

Puritan’s Pride Summer Essentials – Review, Promo Code, & Giveaway

School may have started, but summer is not over yet! I tested out some great summer essentials recently from Puritan’s Pride. Here’s some information from the Puritan’s Pride website: Puritan’s Pride ( was founded over 40 years ago with a health and wellness mission that focused on making the finest quality nutritional supplements available at the […]

Magic Moves Electronic Wand by Educational Insights (Review)

Cooper started full-day kindergarten recently and that made me worry about Dexter. Cooper is his constant playmate – they play with Legos, they race around the yard (and in the house despite my constant reminders not to run in the house), and they make up silly games that only they understand. I was concerned that […]

Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips Deliver #GiantFlavor

I recently had a chance to test out the new Green Giant™ Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chip – Garden Ranch and Green Giant Multigrain Sweet Potato Chip – Barbecue. Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips won’t replace vegetables, but they’re tasty and a nice choice if I’m offering my kids a little treat. We brought some of the […]

What Makes You Smile? Floss & Brush Review & Giveaway

  There are a lot of things that make me smile lately. I have a wonderful husband who is my best friend and three fun little boys; I like where we live and the our day-to-day lives; we have a fantastic family and amazing friends. These photos are not very good; they’re dark or blurry […]

Tummy Stuffers Review

Dexter is three and for the past year or so he’s been obsessed with packing bags. He loves storing stuff in backpacks, tote bags, pockets, buckets, hats… pretty much anything he can get his hands on. He carries the bag (or other vessel) around and pretends to be traveling. He also loves stuffed animals. His […]

Seat Pets Review

We spend a lot of time in the car. A lot. So I was excited about testing out Seat Pets, a stuffed animal designed to strap to your car seat belt so your child can cuddle with them and even use them as a pillow while traveling. SeatPets come in Lovebug the Lady Bug, Bentley […]

Fresh Produce Brings Me Back to Me

It’s been 5 months since I had baby Campbell. (Oh, I can’t resist… if you want to read about his very unexpected entry into the world you can read about it here.) I’ve lost the baby weight, although I could stand to lose a bit more too. That’s an ongoing battle. I spent about 8 […]

Moms Love Mombo™ – Nursing Pillow Review and Giveaway

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Comfort and Harmony for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I have an (almost) 5-month-old son. I breastfeed him, which means that I spend a few hours a day planted on the couch (or sometimes or chair or the floor) nursing him. Before him […]

The Bear and the Bug Shop – Review and Giveaway

I love working with local businesses so when I was contacted by The Bear & the Bug Shop to do a review I was really excited. The Bear & the Bug is an Etsy shop created by Angela Pinelli, a graphic designer and a mom of three children under the age of three who lives […]

Summer Shopping at The Children’s Place

It’s warming up (well, most days at least), and a couple weeks ago I did the seasonal clothing switch. We were in pretty good shape as far as summer clothes for Dexter, but Cooper was in need of shorts and Campbell didn’t have any shorts in the right size. We shopped The Children’s Place for […]

Family Dollar Kidgets Diapers and Wipes

My 3-year-old Dexter is still in diapers and seems to have no desire to get out of them any time soon. Sigh. Although we’ve used cloth diapers for a majority of his diapered years, lately they don’t seem to be keeping him dry so we’ve switched to disposables. I was offered the chance to try […]

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