Modern Map Art Review

I was born in Chicago. I lived near Midway Airport (and by “near” I mean one block over) until I moved away for college, and then law school, when I was 21. After law school, I returned to Chicago, to the same house I grew up in. John and I bought the house from my […]

WaterWipes for Wee Ones

Having a baby means lots of diaper changes, which means lots of diapers and even more wipes. I can’t even imagine how many wipes we’ve used in the 8 years since I became a mother, and I thought once the diaper stage was over we’d be done with wipes too, but it turns out we […]

Coloring Animal Mandalas Review and Giveaway

It’s not usually big news when we get a new coloring book in our house – with three kids under 8 we have a lot of them – but we got one recently that’s different from the others. Coloring Animal Mandalas is a coloring book for adults, with intricate designs. Full disclosure here: I received […]

Fun & Fundraising with The Pasta Shoppe – Review & Giveaway

It’s getting chilly and chilly weather calls for pasta. We recently received a sample package of pasta from the Pasta Shoppe and we’ve been enjoying some great hearty meals. The Pasta Shoppe sells pasta in fun shapes – every kind of theme you can think of from music to pink ribbon to zoo animals. Use […]

Ziggle the Day Away with Radio Flyer

Summer is officially gone, but I don’t think anyone told my kids; they’re as energetic and, well… crazy as before and really need to get their wiggles out. I’m thankful we’ve had some nice weather and we got a Ziggle! The Ziggle is a new ride-on toy from Radio Flyer, which moves when your child […]

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Airport Playset Review and Giveaway

    Now that Cooper’s in school all day Dexter and Campbell have lost their playmate. Both of them spent more time playing with Cooper than each other, so they’re starting to develop a better relationship now. Campbell’s too young for the things Dexter is usually playing with – LEGOs, playdough, etc – so I […]

Chicago Recipe Giardiniera Sausages – Review and Giveaway

Chicago-style hot dogs are legendary and giardiniera is a favorite topping of many Chicagoans. Johnsonville combined giardiniera with smoked sausage to make Chicago Recipe Giardiniera Sausages and offer to let us try some, so Toddling Dad is taking over: Toddling Dad Here. Toddling mom recently asked me to try Johnsonville Chicago Recipe Giardiniera Sausages. I have […]

What Makes You Smile? Floss & Brush Review & Giveaway

  There are a lot of things that make me smile lately. I have a wonderful husband who is my best friend and three fun little boys; I like where we live and the our day-to-day lives; we have a fantastic family and amazing friends. These photos are not very good; they’re dark or blurry […]

Seat Pets Review

We spend a lot of time in the car. A lot. So I was excited about testing out Seat Pets, a stuffed animal designed to strap to your car seat belt so your child can cuddle with them and even use them as a pillow while traveling. SeatPets come in Lovebug the Lady Bug, Bentley […]

Summer Shopping at The Children’s Place

It’s warming up (well, most days at least), and a couple weeks ago I did the seasonal clothing switch. We were in pretty good shape as far as summer clothes for Dexter, but Cooper was in need of shorts and Campbell didn’t have any shorts in the right size. We shopped The Children’s Place for […]

Little Passports Review and Giveaway

As much as we travel and explore, we haven’t been able to take the kids out of the country yet. In fact, we’ve only made it out of the state a couple times. I’d love for my kids to learn about new places though, and Little Passports is a great way to do that. Little […]

Zerberts – BabyHawk Oh Snap! Review, Promotion, and Hoppediz Giveaway

Zerberts – BabyHawk Oh Snap! Review & Hoppediz Giveaway Before my first son was born I decided I wanted to be a babywearer. I bought a couple carriers to try out and when he was born I was so happy I had them. I tried a ring sling first because so many people recommended it, […]

sugarSNAP Car-Go System

sugarSNAP Car-Go System – website So if you have a kid you know they come with STUFF. Lots and lots of STUFF. And no matter where you go you need tons and tons of stuff to go with them. It can be hard to be prepared all the time, but sugarSNAP has some great products […]

The Boy with a Dreaming Key – eBook Review and Giveaway

The Boy with a Dreaming Key: Alien Robots Attack! – website I’m always excited to tell you all about great new products and share giveaways, but this one is even more exciting than normal because it’s an eBook written and illustrated by a college friend of mine, Jason Dvorak. If the style of the illustration […]

Imagine Toys BBQ Blitz Review and Giveaway

Imagine Toys BBQ Blitz Review & Giveaway Imagine Toys asked me if my kids would be interested in trying out the new BBQ Blitz game recently and since we don’t really have any games they understand (seems like they even have trouble with Candyland) I was pretty excited about it. The BBQ Blitz game includes […]

GoPicnic Review, Giveaway, and Promotional Code

*** If giveaway entry form is not visible below, click on the title of this post. My family and I are constantly eating on the go. We picnic whenever we can, but we often wind up eating quick meals in the car too. It’s difficult to avoid fast food when you’re on the go, and […]

Reuseit Tote Bag Review

Reuseit Tote Bag Review I recently had an opportunity to get a tote bag from Reuseit has a great selection of tote bags, but I had to pick the Reisenthel Dual-Handled Parent-Child Shopping Tote. There are a few color choices, but I just love this orange and blue combination. I’ve seen this in magazines […]

Scooby Doo Music of the Vampire Sweepstakes, Review, & Giveaway

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to the winner, comment #8: Tess. The Pump It Up/Warner Home Video sweepstakes continues until April 30, 2012. Sweepstakes Pump It Up and Warner Home Video have partnered up to host a sweepstakes celebrating the March 13, 2012 release of Scooby Doo! Music of the Vampire on dvd and Blu-ray. […]

Couture Fluff Review & Giveaway

Couture Fluff Review & Giveaway Shortly after my first son was born I attended the Nursing Moms Network, a group for breastfeeding mothers, for the first time. In addition to getting tons of support and advice about breastfeeding and parenting in general, I was also introduced to an incredible group of moms and cloth diapers. […]

Just Peachy Photography Review & Giveaway

Just Peachy Photography – Review and Giveaway We recently had the awesome opportunity to meet Erika Williams, the woman behind the camera at Just Peachy Photography, and have her photograph our family. I’m so excited to share all the details about our experience and share some adorable pictures with you, but let me give you […]

Happy Feet Two: The Videogame Review and Giveaway

I was recently given the opportunity to test out the new Happy Feet Two videogame for Nintendo Wii and give one away to one of you! First read about the great video contest from Pump It Up and Happy Feet and then read my review and enter to win a game of your own. Pump […]

ScribbleMonster review and giveaway

I love music, but if you as me why I like what I like I’d probably tell you, “Um, ’cause it sounds good?” You’d ask me a follow up question like, “Why? What do you like about it?”, and I’d say, “Um, the music part? Maybe the singing, and the instruments.” My husband’s the music […]

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