American Science & Surplus Science Night – May 24, 2013

American Science and Surplus is probably one of the weirdest/coolest stores ever. If you haven’t been there yet you should plan on going soon, maybe even this weekend. On Friday, May 24, American Science & Surplus is hosting a free Science Night for families at their Chicago retail location at 5316 N. Milwaukee (773-763-0313). The event is FREE!

Here is information from American Science & Surplus:

A fun evening of demonstrations, hands-on activities, and educational workshops.

6-10pm Explore and Learn
Our staff will be helping to engage minds and promote learning through fun, interesting and interactive demonstrations through out the store during the entire evening.

6-7pm Telescope Workshop
Bring in your old telescope and we will help you get it back into working order. We will also be answering questions and demonstrating how to set up and use a telescope.

7-8pm Microscope Workshop
While our microscopes will be set up for your use all evening, during this time we will demonstrate slide making and sample staining, and explain and demonstrate the different features that microscopes can offer you.

8-10pm Telescope Viewing
We will have our telescopes set up outside, weather permitting, and take a journey across the heavens. Bring your scope and join us as we view Saturn, nebulas, galaxies, star clusters and Earth’s own amazing moon this year.


Rain or shine, we have a fun and interesting evening planned for each of these dates, and while the weather can certainly impact the night’s telescope viewing, the rest of the events will be unaffected.

You can shop at American Science & Surplus at their locations in Chicago, Geneva, and Milwaukee, WI, or you can shop online.

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