Boo Boo All Better giveaway & a special offer

GIVEAWAY – Boo Boo All Better from Artsy Fartsy Mommy!*** Giveaway has ended! Thanks to everyone who participated & special thanks to Artsy Fartsy Mommy!

Another giveaway! I’m excited – how about you?

Marla from Artsy Fartsy Mommy on Etsy is offering a Boo Boo All Better from her shop for the winner. What is Boo Boo All Better? This is what Artsy Fartsy Mommy says about it:

“I came up with this little ditty to help calm my second daughter’s new awareness of booboos which most of the time I don’t see. My first daughter went through a difficult time when she was preoccupied with booboos some days in the summer we would go thru over a dozen band aids on her little hands. Trying to avoid this same scenerio and keep my sanity I thought, hey, I’m going to make boo boo medicine that she can put on whatever and whenever she needs to. It seems to be helping! Of course this has no medicinal properties just a nice scent, cucumber melon, for all to enjoy and a nice soft feel when applied, and applied and applied.”

I tested out Boo Boo All Better and loved it! It’s very reasonably priced ($3.50), smells delicious, and is small, which is important to me because I can toss it in a small purse if I’m not carrying a big diaper bag. We got a chance to use it when Cooper pinched a finger. At his age the kiss from mommy on all boo boos is required, but no longer the cure. I pulled out my little froggy tin and put it on and he was all better! He was completely distracted because it was new, but now it still works because he remembers that it “healed” him the first time.

Artsy Fartsy Mommy also has lots of other stuff you and your kids will love – fun soaps and adorable crayons – and everything is under $10! This would be a great place to stock up on Easter basket goodies or birthday party goody bag items. And now is the perfect time to order because as a special offer to all my blog readers, you’ll receive a free mini twist-and-go lotion when you spend at least $5 at Artsy Fartsy Mommy! Just let her know you’re coming from Toddling Around Chicagoland & let her know what scent you’d like: Love Spell, Energy, Coconut Citrus, or Pomegranate & Plum.

The winner of the Boo Boo All Better will get their choice of either the ladybug or frog design.

To enter:

  • Visit Artsy Fartsy Mommy on Etsy, then leave a comment here about which item you like the best (besides Boo Boo All Better). Please be sure there’s some way I can contact you if you win; if you’re not a Facebook fan please be sure you include your email address in your comment or that it’s in your profile.

Extra entries (must complete above entry first):

Please leave me a comment for EACH entry and your email address if it is not in your profile for each entry that you complete above so I can accurately pick a winner. This contest ends March 27, 2011. Thanks everyone and good luck! Any comments that do not meet the requirements will be disqualified! This contest is only open to US residents.


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