Bring Joy to a Hospitalized Child at Children’s Memorial Hospital

One of the incredible benefits of living in the Chicago area is that we’re fortunate enough to have Children’s Memorial Hospital, the region’s top provider of pediatric specialty care, right here. Children’s Memorial has served over 148,000 children in the past year and they treat children from all over the country and from more than 35 countries. Many of you reading this know a child who has been affected by Children’s Memorial Hospital or you know some who does.

I often worked with Children’s Memorial Hospital doctors in my previous life (before children) working with abused and neglected children in Cook County. They provided treatment to my clients who had serious medical issues and who had suffered from abuse or neglect and they made sure the kids had everything they needed to stay healthy and safe. I’ve also had a relative receive treatment at Children’s Memorial Hospital.

Four years ago when my oldest son was born he had to spend two days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. We were so fortunate that he wasn’t sick enough to go to Children’s Memorial Hospital and he recovered quickly. Still, it was one of the scariest things ever.

The thought that some parents have to live like that for weeks, months, or even years is just horrifying. Even worse is the thought of kids who should be home playing with other kids, learning how to ride bikes or play games, and going to school, but instead spend their days in the hospital.

So what can you do?

Do something special for kids who will be spending Valentine’s Day at Children’s Memorial Hospital. These kids are fighting for their life – give them something to show that they are loved and bring cheer to them by:

  • sending a card,
  • making a donation, and
  • posting on your Facebook wall so others can donate too

Your Valentine is on its way to a boy or girl in treatment at Children’s Memorial Hospital. Your compassion and generosity are deeply appreciated.

I am being compensated for this post. The experiences and opinions are my own.


  1. It is incredibly cool and a great initiative. Thank You

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