Building Blocks Toy Store Flood Sale

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Building Blocks Toy Store, a local business with two locations – Lakeview and Wicker Park – recently suffered a tremendous loss from a flood in their Lakeview store on August 4 during a severe rain storm.

Would you like to help?

Building Blocks has been in business since 1996. They offer a variety of toys from great companies like Alex Toys, Melissa & Doug, Plan Toys, Thomas and Friends, Lego, Playmobil, and Green Toys. I’ve been in both stores and they are filled with fun toys, friendly staff, and play areas for the kids. Building Blocks is involved in the community and offers free events – parties, family game nights, and Crafternoons.

Below are two updates from the Building Blocks Facebook page, both posted on August 6 (hopefully Katharine doesn’t mind me sharing them here!) that tell you a little more about the situation and the type of person Katharine is:

An update on our recent water damage. So far, damages are estimated at over $50k. We have a drain backup policy insurance cap of $15k. Unfortunately I think the damages will total over $70k. State Farm Insurace says that Saturday’s incident of rain has already been categorized by them as “catastrophic”, which means they have speedier service in processing claims. The sidewalk sale for stranded toys yesterday brought in a little over $2k. That will definitely help me pay for extra labor and some supplies. We are still recovering a lot of really good product and I’m hoping I have it in me to run another big sidewalk sale this coming Saturday because it makse me sad to see homeless toys and becuase, frankly, we need the money. One thing is for sure, if BBToys survives this setback, it will be because we have a great community of customers, friends, and staff. Thank you to each and every one of our for any way in which you have helped me and my toy family out. I’m very grateful for the love & support. ~Katherine McHenry, toy shopkeeper/founder of Building Blocks since 1996

Friends of mine have started a fundraising campaign to raise some short term money for me. I want it to be known that I am very much against asking for handouts or financial help in order to make my business viable. Unfortunately, due to my sudden and severe loss, the short-term capital could really make a huge difference. Many are depending on me including my family & my staff which include 2 women-head-of-households. Please know that once the business is back on track, all monies the community so generously gave will be paid forward to others in need. I hope to get there soon and continue to give back to the community as it has always been part of my business dream to do so. -Katherine McHenry

Thanks for your support of local businesses!

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