Chagall for Children – DuPage Children’s Museum

Chagall for Children
presented by the DuPage Children’s Museumthrough April 20, 2011

Please see my previous postabout the DuPage Children’s Museum for detailed information about location, admission, and amenities. There is no additional cost for this exhibit.This exhibit allows kids to interact with art and experience it using different senses. Each of the fourteen pieces has it’s own station with an interactive element, and many have phones with audio recordings about the artwork or the technique used to create it.


– America Windows– rearrange piece to create your own stained glass artwork

– At the Circus
– become part of the painting and observe yourself blend in on a tv monitor

– The Birthday – create a rubbing from an engraving

– The Blue House – build a house with blue logs

– The Concert – play musical instruments

– Flowers – create your own floral arrangement

– The Flying Sleigh – tell a story

– Green Violinist – listen to music and change and observe different colors on a computer

– I and the Village – rotate the painting to learn about different views

– Job Tapestry – weave and sew a tapestry

– The Juggler – explore the details of this piece on a computer

– Paris Through the Window – use magnets to create a picture

– The Poultry Yard – create a scene with soft, three-dimensional animals

– The Rooster – arrange feather on a soft version of this piece

Our experience:
I was truly thrilled with this exhibit. I have always liked that the Young Explorers section of the museum included artwork hung at a child’s level, and this was that and so much more.
My kids, and the kids we went to the museum with, were too young to be interested in listening to anything about the artwork, but seemed to have fun playing with the phones and pretending to call each other. Cooper loved arranging flowers and weaving. The only downside is that we may not be able to go to an art museum any time soon; I’m pretty sure Cooper would expect to be able to touch all the artwork!
We enjoyed it so much that I definitely want to visit at least one more time before the exhibit ends in April. I would recommend it to anyone. If you do visit, be sure to pick up a Gallery Guide. The Guide has each of the pieces from the exhibit and others, and has questions to think about and activities to do for each piece.
The most exciting part is that even though they’re only 3 years old, I bet that Cooper and Althea would recognize one or two of Chagall’s pieces if they saw them again. They’re on the road to being true art aficionados.

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