Chic-A-Go-Go is a Chicago Cable Access dance show for kids of all ages. It’s hosted by Ratso (a puppet) and Miss Mia, and there are live performers, lots of music, and lots of dancing. Tapings are open to the public and require no tickets – just show up ready to dance.

Location: Chicago Access Network Studios, 322 S. Green St., Chicago, IL 60607

Hours:The show airs on Channel 19 in Chicago every Tuesday at 8:30 pm and every Wednesday at 3:30 pm. You can also watch episodes and clips online.
Check the website for the next taping date. Tapings are usually on weekends in the early afternoon. Although they usually take place at the CAN Studios, the next taping is at the Beauty Bar, located at 1444 W. Chicago Ave on Sunday, March 13 at 3:00 pm. Sign up for email announcements by sending your email address to: They also have a Facebook page.


Free street parking (although we had some difficulty finding a spot & parked a few blocks away) and some low cost lots nearby.
Public transportation: Halsted bus stops near the studio and the Blue Line UIC-Halsted stop is only a block and half away.

Available, but not baby friendly. There are no changing tables available so bring a changing pad and be ready to change diapers on the floor if necessary.

Nursing:There are no designated nursing areas. The audience area is a mixture of folding chairs and various other seating so you can probably find a comfy place.

Handicapped/stroller accessibility:
The studio is not very accessible. I would suggest not bringing a stroller.

Food/eating area (food availability/restrictions, places to eat):
There is a large waiting room downstairs to wait before the show and between shows (usually two shows are taped back-to-back). There are no vending machines and no food available, but there is a water cooler. All that dancing makes kids hungry, so we brought snacks to eat between shows. They do ask that you not bring food or drinks onto the set.

Special events: The next scheduled taping is Sunday, March 13 at 3:00 pm at Beauty Bar, located at 1444 W. Chicago Ave. This is a special kids-of-all-ages party with special guests Hollows performing live. RSVPs are required for this taping/party:

We paid:

Our experience:
Chic-A-Go-Go is truly a unique experience. If you have Halloween costumes or dress up clothes the kids always want to wear, this is the place. This was our second time at Chic-A-Go-Go and we will likely go back again.
Chic-A-Go-Go is all about musical diversity, but it is an all ages dance show so all the music is kid-friendly. During the two shows we attended, they played Michael Jackson, James Brown, Justin Beiber, and many others. The live acts are equally eclectic. At the end of the show, all the dancers (and performers) line up in the “El Train Line” (like Soul Train’s “Soul Train Line”), and dance down the line.
They film two shows at a time, with a short break between, and we were there for a total of about two and a half hours. The tapings are in the early afternoon, which makes nap time difficult for us, and the studio is not particularly kid-friendly (no stroller accessibility, no changing tables, no snacks available), but it is definitely worth a little inconvenience. The kids (and parents!) had lots of fun dancing and I think older kids would enjoy seeing how a tv show is made.
Extra note: The CAN-TV studio is very close to the Big Monster Door, so you might want to check that out at the same time.

On the set, waiting for the show to start

After the show, posing on the set 

Posing with the show’s host, Ratso 


  1. Looks like fun and a great way to get the kids moving. What, no costumes?! 😉

  2. …fun times!

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