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Johnsonville Chicago Recipe Giardiniera Sausages - Toddling Around Chicagoland

Chicago-style hot dogs are legendary and giardiniera is a favorite topping of many Chicagoans. Johnsonville combined giardiniera with smoked sausage to make Chicago Recipe Giardiniera Sausages and offer to let us try some, so Toddling Dad is taking over:

Toddling Dad Here. Toddling mom recently asked me to try Johnsonville Chicago Recipe Giardiniera Sausages. I have never said no to anything Johnsonville makes. She knows this.

The sausages are a smoked sausage with a giardinera filling. They are apparently supposed to mimic the flavor of a hot dog with giardinera off the grill, so you can enjoy the flavor without buying the Giardinera.

I typically enjoy Giardiniera not in smoked sausage, but on Italian sausage, Italian beef, or a sub sandwich (or, since its labelled “Chicago-style”, a “sangwich”), so using the flavor with a smoked sausage seemed odd. However, the flavor was quite good. With some grilling the smokiness and the spice of the Giardiniera went well together.

The sausage was best on the occasional bite when a piece of pepper would snap in the bite. The heat was definitely there, but not overwhelming. However, I missed the texture of the Giardiniera vegetable mix overall.

Johnsonville never disappoints. This was a tasty sausage and I would recommend picking up a package of these for your late summer grilling, especially if you don’t want to add another condiment to the condiment table.

Want to try Johnsonville Chicago Recipe Giardinera Sausages for yourself? Ten (yes, 10!) of you will win a coupon for a free package.

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  1. This family of meat eaters would love to try a new type of sausage!

  2. Thanks for the great contests!

  3. Would love to try them!

  4. I moved from Chi to STL…..and I MISS CHI FOOD!!! When we come home we make the rounds to our favorite places! This just sounds like a little piece of home..I would definitely try it!

  5. Love Johnsonville brats!

  6. Ooh, I bet my husband and kids would love these! They are sausage lovers!

  7. These look delicious! Would love to try them. Thanks!

  8. i love this!!


    Johnsonville Sausages ARE THE BEST!!!

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