Coloring Animal Mandalas Review and Giveaway

Coloring Animal Mandalas - Review & Giveaway

It’s not usually big news when we get a new coloring book in our house – with three kids under 8 we have a lot of them – but we got one recently that’s different from the others. Coloring Animal Mandalas is a coloring book for adults, with intricate designs.

Full disclosure here: I received a Coloring Animal Mandalas book for free for review, and I personally know the amazing artist, Wendy Piersall, who created it.

Coloring Animal Mandalas

I had fantasies of relaxing in the early morning with a cup of tea, Coloring Animal Mandalas, and a set of colored pencils in a peaceful house, but that hasn’t happened yet. Instead, I’ve pulled it out when I have a few minutes of time here and there – waiting for my son’s school bus to arrive, during my toddler’s nap (when I can make that happen), or when I can sneak away for a few minutes when the kids are playing.

I’m not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, but coloring makes me feel creative, and it’s so relaxing. It’s a great way to clear my mind and focus on… well, anything. Or nothing. And if you don’t believe me, check out Huffington Post – Coloring Isn’t Just for Kids. It Can Actually Help Adults Combat Stress.

John gave me a funny look when I got the Coloring Animal Mandalas book, but a couple days later he asked if he could color a page. I’m pretty sure he enjoyed it because he spent about 3 hours coloring.

Coloring Animal Mandalas

I’ve already purchased four more books and given them as gifts, including one for my sister-in-law who loved it.

You can get Coloring Animal Mandalas (affiliate link) at Amazon or at select bookstores, including Read Between the Lynes in Woodstock.

Keep up with what Wendy’s doing by following her on Instagram, YouTube, and liking her Facebook page.

Wendy has another amazing coloring book – Coloring Flower Mandalas: 30 Hand-drawn Designs for Mindful Relaxation (affiliate link) – coming out very soon that you can pre-order right now. You can even subscribe to the Wendy Piersall newsletter to receive a free downloadable Geometric Mandalas Coloring Book.

I think Coloring Animal Mandalas is such a great way to relax that I bought a couple extra copies to share with a couple lucky readers. Enter below for a chance to win a Coloring Animal Mandalas book. Two people will win!

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  1. I have always loved coloring. This is beautiful.

  2. Katie Klein says

    These are so cool! I find coloring to be so relaxing sometimes.

  3. We love mandalas in our house! We always have a few printed out for calming the kids down, I hadn’t thought about using that for calming myself!

  4. Nancy Loring says

    I have always enjoyed coloring. It is nice to find pictures to be able to color that are made for adults. The pictures are so intricate and detailed that I could have fun with these.

  5. Melissa B. says

    I taught preschool for ten years and coloring with the kids was one of my favorite activities.

  6. I love these! I color them with my 4 and 7 yr old, when I’m unwinding I use them for meditation.

  7. Thanks looks neat!

  8. I’ve always loved coloring books! I remember one time when we went camping and it rained….. I colored and had a great time. 🙂

  9. This looks like so much fun!

  10. Wow…these are really neat. I think it would be so relaxing to color.
    Thank you for the review and giveaway!

  11. I love to draw in my spare time Thanks for the great giveaway

  12. I have always loved coloring, it relaxes me.

  13. L. Diana Stanhope says

    Oh wow this is such an awesome book! I could sure use some coloring time.

  14. Katyann Marne Driver says

    these look like a lot of fun to draw with my little girl thank you 😀

  15. shanna Uptergrove says

    I LOVE these!!! I hope my kids will inherit that quality lol!

  16. Linda Chidster says

    Love ~~~ LOVE ~~~ L O V E ~~~ to Color !!!! <3
    I would be Sooooo EXCITED to add "Coloring Animal Mandalas" to my New Collection of Coloring Books!!! 😉
    T H A N K S for the Chance to WIN !!! 😉

  17. brittani adams says

    I love love love mandalas!! Wow those are nice, this would be amazing!

  18. Elizabeth Purcell says

    So soothing and beautiful!

  19. Love it. I’ve always loved stuff like this, my son and I do them together. 🙂

  20. Darlene Owen says

    This would be great project for my granddaughter to grow into.

  21. They didn’t have coloring books like this when I was little.

  22. janetfaye says

    This is a beautiful coloring book!

  23. I haven’t used a coloring book since I was little, but I have friends who love them!

  24. lissa crane says

    My kiddo’s love to color and its nice to see a different kind of coloring book! It looks like one that involves learning as well as art!

  25. Marcia Goss says

    These look like a lot of fun. My granddaughter and I could do these together.

  26. Patrycja Chudziak says

    I love coloring! When I sit down with my son to color, he usually walks away after a few minutes but I cannot pull myself away once I start! This is perfect! I love the colors you choose for the dragons.

  27. i was looking at this on amazon yesterdaay. id love to win

  28. I would love to win this awesome prize for my little one, too!
    Thank You for the chance

  29. Leah Shumack says

    I think my daughter would have a lot of fun with these!

  30. I’ve been coloring in all sorts of different Mandala coloring books and lots of other cool design books since I was about 15 and now I’m 50. My grown daughter enjoys it as well as my 2 young nieces. I find it very relaxing. Thank you for the chance 🙂

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