Come Together with the Beat Bugs on Netflix

Come together with the Beat Bugs on Netflix #StreamTeam [ad] #BeatBugs

August is always a rough time for my family. School starts in mid-August so in early August we rush to make the most of the last free days of summer and then the kids start school and our schedule changes radically. It’s a big adjustment for all of us, and we all have new activities and responsibilities.

The best part of everyone’s day seems to be when the older two boys get home from school. Even if we have any activities in the evening we have a few hours of freedom before we have to rush off again, and we like to come together with Netflix. It gives all of us a chance to sit, relax, and enjoy something together.

#BeatBugs #StreamTeam [ad]

This month, Netflix introduced Beat Bugs, a new Netflix original show about five animated bugs who sing songs by the Beatles. Kids love the animation, characters, and music, and adults can enjoy familiar songs by today’s artists like P!nk, Jennifer Hudson, and Eddie Vedder.

We had a chance to rock out with some Beat Bugs shirts and musical toys from the Netflix #StreamTeam and the kids had a lot of fun.


They were a little shy to make a video of them singing, but Campbell really got into it and made up his own song.

Also new to Netflix Streaming this month is The Little Prince, a new take on one of my favorite movies as a kid, and Project Mc2, about girls who STEM topics with fun experiments.

The boys and I sat down for a movie night with The Little Prince recently. I was both excited and nervous about watching it; I love it so much as a kid that I was afraid the new version wouldn’t live up to my expectations. Silly me! It was amazing! The kids and I both loved it and it will now be in our regular rotation for movie nights.

Netflix #StreamTeam August 2016 - The Little Prince & Project Mc2

Some other fun additions to Netflix Streaming that the kids will love:

Netflix #StreamTeam August 2016 New shows [ad]

  • Ask the Story Bots
  • Dawn of the Croods: Season 2
  • Masha and the Bear: Season 2
  • Ever After High: Epic Winter

There’s a ton of great new (and old!) stuff coming to Netflix in September that I can’t wait for, and in case you don’t have your calendar marked yet – Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premieres November 25, so you might want to start re-watching all 7 seasons to catch up!

What shows on Netflix help your family come together? 

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