Countdowns on Demand with Netflix Streaming

Netflix characters - NYE 2018 Countdowns

Spending the New Year at home with the kids? I am! Every year we make a bunch of appetizers and get some fun beverages like egg nog and sparkling cider. We all snack until we can barely move and stream some movies. This year’s selections: Armageddon and Talladega Nights.

Who says you have to countdown to the new year at midnight? Maybe 10:00 pm is right for you, or 9:00, or even 8:00.

For a few years Netflix has been offering an amazing option on their streaming service – New Year’s Eve countdowns by your kids favorite characters that you can play any time you wish.

Who says you can only do one? Celebrate the end of 2017 with a countdown an hour. Since each video is short, you can even celebrate with a countdown of countdowns.

Did someone fall asleep before a countdown? No worries! Do one tomorrow morning. I won’t tell!

Word Party - NYE Countdown on Netflix #StreamTeam

Word Party: New Year’s Eve Countdown (2:45)

True and the Rainbow Kingdom NYE Countdown on Netflix #StreamTeam

True and the Rainbow Kingdom: NYE Countdown (3:02)

Trollhunters NYE Countdown on Netflix #StreamTeam

Trollhunters: New Year’s Eve Countdown (1:29)

Skylanders NYE Countdown on Netflix #StreamTeam

Skylanders Academy: New Year’s Eve Countdown (1:42)

Puffin Rock NYE Countdown on Netflix #StreamTeam

Puffin Rock: New Year’s Eve Countdown (1:47)

Pororo NYE Countdown on Netflix #StreamTeam

Pororo the Little Penguin: New Year’s Eve Countdown (2:00)

Larva NYE Countdown on Netflix #StreamTeam

Larva: New Year’s Eve Countdown (2:20)

King Julien NYE Countdown on Netflix #StreamTeam

All Hail King Julien: New Year’s Eve Countdown (3:10)

Beat Bugs NYE Countdown on Netflix #StreamTeam

Beat Bugs: New Year’s Eve Countdown (2:05)

How are you ringing in 2018? What are you eating? And most importantly – what are you streaming? 

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