Create Your Own Destiny with Inspiration from Netflix

Choose Your Own Destiny with Inspiration from Netflix #StreamTeam

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Sometimes watching shows and movies is just relaxing, but I love when a tv show or movie inspires me or my kids to get up and do something or try something new.

One of the shows we love to watch as a family is Chopped. If you’re not familiar with it, Chopped is a reality show where four chefs compete to be named the best chef. There are 3 rounds: appetizer, entree, and dessert. Before each round the contestants are given a basket of four ingredients that they have to use in their dish. Of course, some of the ingredients are challenging. A contestant is eliminated or “chopped” after each round until a winner is chosen.

We love watching Chopped and we’re always inspired by the really creative dishes the contestants create. The kids often say they want to be chefs when they grow up when watch it. While John and I aren’t gourmet chefs (at all), we love the idea of teaching the kids about cooking and making it fun and exciting, so we planned Chopped – Parisi Home Edition. To make things a little easier, we decided to work in teams and we only did an entree round.

John prepared our ingredients and put them under some brown paper for each of the kids to do the big reveal.

chopped with dexter - cropped

We had chicken, tortilla chips, broccoli, and dressing mix.

Chopped ingredients

And here are our completed dishes: on the left a “biscuit & gravy” with a stuffing muffin topped with chicken and gravy, eggs and broccoli with cheese and crumbled tortilla chips, and dessert nachos, and on the right there’s BBQ chicken with broken tortillas, and a stuffing and broccoli star.

Chopped collage

We all had fun and dinner was yummy so we all won!

I don’t know if any of my kids will be a chef when they grow up, but I know they’re trying new things to discover their destiny.

Netflix has three new Netflix Original shows on streaming about kids choosing their own destiny:

Netflix - Create Your Own Destiny #StreamTeam

Here are some other great Netflix streaming picks:

Netflix - Someday I Will... #StreamTeam

Netflix - Someday I Will... teens and grownups #StreamTeam

And here’s some of the Netflix streaming my kids love because they want to be spies in the future.

Netflix - Spy Kids #StreamTeam

There’s also a great craft your kids can do to put their vision of their future right there on their wall so see all the time. Check out this great “Create Your Own Destiny” Vision Board and see how you can make your own.

Create Your Own Destiny vision board #StreamTeam

As always, I’d love to hear your favorite Netflix Streaming picks! Let me know what your or your kids are watching in the comments.


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