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Dust Off Your Shelfies - Netlfix #StreamTeam #ad

In the olden days, before kids, John and I had some favorite shows that we’d watch when they aired on regular tv. You could always find us in front of the tv on Sunday evenings for The X-Files, or on Wednesday nights for The West Wing.

Now that we have kids, our routine has changed a bit. Okay, it’s changed a lot. Evenings are spent making and eating dinner, driving kids to and from karate and art classes, giving baths, getting teeth brushed, and reading stories. We’re not catching our favorite shows as the air; in fact, I don’t know what night my favorite shows are on. I hear about shows people love on Facebook and Twitter, and friends recommend shows, but they get filed away for later.

The Netflix #StreamTeam calls these “shelfies” – shows that you keep on your virtual shelf. I bet every parent out there has their own shelfie, or maybe even several shelfies. Shelfies are shows you’ve been meaning to watch but haven’t been able to keep up with them or haven’t even started them yet.

Late at night, once the kids are (finally) asleep in bed, that’s when I start dusting off the shelfies. Some are shows John and I watch (or plan to watch) together and some are all mine.

Here are my top 5 shelfies:

Dust Off Your Shelfies - Netflix #StreamTeam #ad Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds

I started watching Criminal Minds when it first started, but lost it somewhere along the way. I love the show, but just didn’t manage to catch the episodes as they aired. John and I both love it so we started from the beginning on Netflix Streaming a while ago and when the 10th season arrived on Netflix this month we devoured it. We finished it a couple nights ago and I’m already looking forward to seeing Season 11 when it arrives next year (I hope!). In the meantime, Netflix also has the spin-off, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. It only lasted one season, but it starred Forrest Whitaker so I’m sure it’s gotta be good.

Dust Off Your Shelfies - Netflix #StreamTeam #ad Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

We don’t have cable or satellite tv, so I didn’t have the opportunity to see The Walking Dead when it first started. I’m not usually interested in zombie movies, but I tried it out when it came to Netflix because so many people recommended it. I love it now, and eventually I got John watching it too. Can’t wait until the next season comes to Netflix!

Dust Off Your Shelfies - Netflix #StreamTeam #ad Blacklist

The Blacklist

I caught the first episode of The Blacklist on regular tv. I like James Spader and the commercials looked intriguing. I loved the first episode, but again, I wasn’t able to keep up. Seems like we were always busy when it was on, or the kids were around so I couldn’t watch it. Thankfully, it’s on Netflix. John was interested too so we started watching. Season 2 appeared on Netflix this month, but we haven’t finished season 1 yet so no spoilers!

Dust Off Your Shelfies - Netflix #StreamTeam #ad Scandal


I didn’t really have any interest in Scandal when it first started, but after seeing lots of friends rave about it online I figured it was worth a try. I don’t think I started it until the third or fourth season was airing, but after a couple episodes I was hooked. I’ve zoomed through the first 3 seasons and I’m working on season 4 now. This is a show John isn’t interested in (yet; I’m working on him), so I watch it when he’s not around or is busy doing something else. I don’t love the romantic/soap opera-y feel it has sometimes, but the action and intrigue make up for that.

Dust Off Your Shelfies - Netflix #StreamTeam #ad Supernatural


I don’t know much about Supernatural, but I know it does come up a lot among fans of Sherlock and Doctor Who and that’s enough for me to make it interesting. I haven’t started this one yet, but it’s definitely on my shelf to check out soon!

Here are some more shows Netflix offers that might just be on your shelfie list:

Dust Off Your Shelfies - Netflix #StreamTeam #ad Law and Order

Law and Order: SVU

Dust Off Your Shelfies - Netflix #StreamTeam #ad Heroes


Dust Off Your Shelfies - Netflix #StreamTeam #ad Person of Interest

Person of Interest

Dust Off Your Shelfies - Netflix #StreamTeam #ad The League

The League

Dust Off Your Shelfies - Netflix #StreamTeam #ad Bones


Dust Off Your Shelfies - Netflix #StreamTeam Gotham #ad



What’s your list of top 5 shelfies? 


  1. I just started watching The League and I love how I can watch it whenever – and take a week or two off if needed. Or more ha

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