Earn Extra Money with Fieldwork

Earn Extra Money with Fieldwork

When you’re a parent, it seems like there’s a new expense popping up each week – diapers, doctors appointments, school uniforms, music classes, car repairs… it never seems to end!

And everywhere you turn, there are places and people offering quick and easy ways to make extra money, especially for stay-at-home moms. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t quick, or easy, and a lot of them cost money instead of making you money.

Step away from the get-rich-quick schemes!

Fieldwork is a market research firm, regarded as one of the top in the industry, with 16 locations across the country, including offices in Chicago and Schaumburg.

What does a market research firm do? They conduct focus groups to better understand how people feel about products or services they use. Fieldwork works with a lot of companies especially interested in opinions from moms, and their studies include a wide variety of subjects – things like LEGOs, mac-and-cheese, and electronics. Fieldwork doesn’t sell or market anything, they’re just interested in opinions.

Fieldwork is a great option for parents looking to make some extra money to help out with those expenses, or to treat themselves to something special, like a massage or night out. Participate in paid research studies and you’ll earn money just for giving your thoughts, opinions, and experiences.

Interested? Signing up for Fieldwork is easy – register at http://www.fieldwork.com/joinsch by answering some questions about yourself, which will take less than 15 minutes. (In fact, it only took me 5 minutes to complete the form.) All contact information is kept confidential.

Sign up by June 7, 2015, using promo code 2015TODDLING and you’ll be entered into a raffle for a $50 Visa gift card.

Fieldwork will use the information you provide to match you up with focus groups relevant to you and your lifestyle. When a project is available, you’ll be contacted, possibly asked some additional questions to see if you qualify, and given more information about the project.

I signed up with Fieldwork years ago. In my experience, focus groups are fun. It’s nice feeling like my opinions and experiences are important, and it’s really nice leaving with some extra money!

You can find out more about Fieldwork on their website, www.fieldwork.com. You can also like the Fieldwork Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter at @FieldworkSch and you’ll get a sneak peak of the studies they’re doing. If you have specific questions, contact Sara Woods at saraw@quantwork.fieldwork.com.

Fieldwork will have a booth at the Baby Expo in Marriott Schaumburg on May 17th, and at the Holiday Inn Skokie on July 12th. You can visit the booth to learn more, register for another raffle, and pick up a treat for yourself.

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