Endless Summer at Raging Waves Waterpark

Endless Summer at Raging Waves Waterpark #EndlessSummer

Raging Waves was one of our favorite day trips last summer so we were very excited to return this year.

For ALL the details about Raging Waves, see my previous Raging Waves Waterpark post; this post will tell you about our 2015 experience. Prices for admission, preferred parking, special packages, and cabanas remain the same as the 2014 prices.

Raging Waves Waterpark will remain open until September 7, 2015, so there’s definitely time to schedule a trip (or two!) here before school begins.


On the day we visited this year, it was pretty chilly, and even a bit rainy. We arrived right at 10:00 am when they open, but were told the opening was being delayed an hour. The kids were happy to have free rein to play in the van while we waited. Despite the wait and the weather, we were all pretty excited to tackle the waterslides.

The kids all love playing on the Kangaroo Falls play structure with small water slides and plenty for younger kids to do. It was our first stop for everyone to splash around and get wet.

Raging Waves Waterpark - Toddling Around Chicagoland

Campbell also enjoyed spending a lot of time in the Koala Kove wading pool. Dexter loved the water slides attached to the pool and tried to entice Campbell to try them out, but he was happier to slide down the tiny water slide inside the pool.

The older kids were anxious to get onto the bigger water slides. We spent most of the time on the Three Sisters – 3 slides that all leave from the same platform.

John also took them on the Crocodile Mile, where all three of them were able to go down in a giant raft. Campbell was too small for any of the real water slides so we sat out and watched them come down.

Endless Summer at Raging Waves Waterpark

Campbell and I spent a good deal of time in my favorite spot – Kookaburra Kreek (lazy river) – and the older boys joined us when they were looking for a break from the waterslides.

The Great Barrier Reef Wave Pool was a lot of fun, too. We all went in together, but the boys felt most comfortable staying pretty close to the shore and playing in the smaller waves.

We took a break for a late lunch/early dinner at The Hungry Croc. The food was yummy, but the kids were pretty chilly.

Raging Waves - The Hungry Croc

Raging Waves - The Hungry Croc

We wrapped up our day with another ride down the Crocodile Mile, and then John decided to brave P.J.’s Plummet, the highest waterslide at Raging Waves which causes you to plummet to the bottom at up to 38 miles per hour.

Raging Waves - P.J.'s Plummet

Raging Waves - PJ's Plummet


Despite the cold, we had a fantastic time. We can’t wait to return!

Check out the Raging Waves Waterpark website, and you can like the Raging Waves Facebook page, follow @RagingWaves on Twitter, and follow Raging Waves on Instagram.

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