Family Dining at Weber Grill

Family Dining at Weber Grill #webergramWe were invited to Weber Grill to experience their amazing signature dishes and kids meals. Our meals were complimentary in order to facilitate this post, but all opinions are my own.

The thought of grilled steak makes my mouth water so I was really looking forward to this dinner, so much so that I was a little afraid that it wouldn’t actually live up to my expectations, but that was not a problem.

We visited the Lombard location (I’ve previously written about our experience at the Schaumburg Weber Grill); all the locations have a giant signature red Weber grill outside.


Inside, the open kitchen. You can see the grills all lined up and watch as chefs prepare delicious grilled dishes.

Family Dining at Weber Grill #webergram - grills

From the minute we walked in the service was amazing. The host and waiters welcomed us and sat us at a table with a beautiful view of a pond with ducks. We snapped a few photos and our waiter even offered to get a shot of the whole family together.

Family Dining at Weber Grill #webergram - table and scenery

Then it was time to study the menu, order some drinks, and color. The kids loved the children’s cups with the super-bendy straw.

Family Dining at Weber Grill #webergram - reading menu

Family Dining at Weber Grill #webergram - drinks

Family Dining at Weber Grill #webergram - coloring

Wow, there are a lot of amazing choices. John and I kept pointing out appetizers and entrees that sounded delicious – Wood-Fired Crab Cake, Prime Kettle Burger, Beer Can Chicken, BBQ Ribs, Teriyaki Skirt Steak.

Before our food came, we had a chance to meet the executive chef, Dan Wall. I knew we were in good hands when I saw that he had knives and BBQ-related tattoos on both arms –  If you’re going to add those to your body permanently you better be able to cook! He even showed us his tattoo of a pig, with indications of where each type of meat comes from.

Since we couldn’t decide on an appetizer, our server suggested we get the sampler. I’m so glad we did! I think we could have shared the sampler as our meal – I was nearly full – but we still had our entrees coming! It includes steak skewers, BBQ ribs, honey dijon chicken skewers, lemon-garlic shrimp, and onion strings. This gave the boys a chance to try the steak skewers, which they LOVED, and then they were really excited about the entrees they had coming.

Family Dining at Weber Grill #webergram - sampler

Weber Grill offers burgers, pizza, and BBQ entrees, but we were both drawn to the steak, but it was hard to chose which one to try. Ultimately, I ordered the filet mignon (at the recommendation of our server), and John ordered the New York strip.

The kids menu was impressive; not your standard mac-n-cheese & hot dog (although those are available if your kids must have the “classics”). Kids entree choices are: BBQ pork ribs, hot dog, cheese pizza, cheeseburger, chicken tenders, grilled cheese, steak skewers, mac-n-cheese, and grilled chicken breast. Both of the older boys immediately chose the mac and cheese, their standard restaurant choice, but we encouraged them to try something different. They were very reluctant (they really don’t trust us), but we promised them they’d be happy they did. Finally, we got them both to agree and they each chose steak skewers. Campbell’s not so good at making choices like that yet, so we picked the BBQ pork ribs for him.

Then this came for me. YUM.

Family Dining at Weber Grill #webergram - filet

And the kids meals came in these cute tv-dinner style trays, and each kids meal comes with tater tots, mixed fruit, and broccoli, as well as a cookie (served later) for dessert. The kids were thrilled and chowed down, especially on the steak skewers and tater tots. I love that there are healthy side dishes! Even though the kids didn’t go for the broccoli or fruit first, they did eat some of it. Most restaurants only offer one side dish with a kid’s meal and so they usually choose french fries. We were all very pleased with this kid’s meal.

Family Dining at Weber Grill #webergram - steak skewers kids meal


Campbell enjoyed his meal too, but didn’t eat much (I think he filled up on the sampler appetizer!), but that just meant we had some food to bring him.

Family Dining at Weber Grill #webergram - Campbell


The food was delicious. John and I were both pleased with how our steaks were cooked and seasoned. The mashed potatoes were fantastic. We all left very satisfied.

We enjoyed our meal a great deal, and the service and atmosphere was wonderful too. We had a wonderful experience and will definitely return to Weber Grill. Family Dining at Weber Grill #webergram - clean plate club

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