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It’s been 5 months since I had baby Campbell. (Oh, I can’t resist… if you want to read about his very unexpected entry into the world you can read about it here.) I’ve lost the baby weight, although I could stand to lose a bit more too. That’s an ongoing battle.

I spent about 8 months in maternity clothes (I start showing very early on) during my pregnancy and then another few months in maternity clothes post-pregnancy. Now I’m finally back in non-maternity clothes, but with a 5-year-old, 3-year-old, and a baby I often find myself stuck in a rut… I toss on whatever clothes I can grab quickly when I have a few minutes for a shower; then I do laundry, wash some shorts or jeans and the shirts I’ve worn and put them back in the drawer (or leave them in the laundry basket). The next time I grab some clothes it’s the same ones on top that I grab again. It’s basically a rotation of a couple pairs of shorts and a few of my favorite t-shirts. Not exactly flattering.

When I put on a skirt I just feel better. I’m not the size 6 I once was, but not everyone needs to be a size 6. I’m pretty thrilled with all my body has done in the last 6 years or so (grown, birthed, and nursed three babies) and I feel even better about it when I wear something a little more feminine. I spend my days crawling on the floor with kids, cleaning, and washing dishes, but there’s no reason that I have to look like I’ve been doing that all day. Time to update my wardrobe a bit!

I spent quite a bit of time on the Fresh Produce site. First of all, it’s incredibly hard to choose because there are SO many things I like on there. Second, it’s bright and colorful and reminds me of being on a beach and then I drift off into fantasy land where I’m on a beach and wearing this…


Fresh Produce - beach

(The cardigan is just in case it’s a little cool &  breezy on the beach at night.) And then a baby cries or two boys start fighting over a toy and I’m back.

Fresh Produce focuses on coastal styles, vibrant colors, and comfortable, easy-to-wear clothes. Fresh Produce clothes are pre-shrunk and soft-textured making them SO comfortable. They’re perfect for packing in a suitcase for your summer vacations or getaways. Another thing I love about Fresh Produce? The clothes are primarily made in the USA. I feel better about my purchases when I know that they’re supporting American jobs and that the company is able to closely monitor the production of their products. I love that the clothes are cute, but simple. I’ve never been a fashionista (see above for proof! Cute clothes but I’m sure you could put together something even cuter than I did!); I like to stick to the basics. That’s not to say that the fashionistas among you won’t love Fresh Produce too – they have great vibrant colors and fun accessories.

I picked out the Maxi Skirt in Twilight.

I LOVE it. It’s soft, comfortable, and easy to care for. I wore it for Cooper’s preschool music program, and for just hanging out with the kids. I pair it with a solid color t-shirt or tank, or I can wear it with a nice blouse so it can be casual or dressy. It’s long enough to be comfortable sitting in the grass for a picnic with the kids, loose enough that I can jog (or full out run) chasing after them, and I can pull up the skirt a little to kneel in the van to help the boys buckle their seatbelts.


The Maxi skirt is made in the USA, very comfortable, and machine washable. When I’m sitting on a picnic blanket or one of the kids is grabbing my skirt (with who knows what on their hands) I know that I can just toss the skirt in with the laundry instead of worrying about dry cleaning. (In fact, the tag says “Do Not Dry Clean”. You don’t have to tell me twice!)

Thanks so much to Fresh Produce for making me feel a little less like I’m just Cooper, Dexter, and Campbell’s mom and making me feel more like me!

I’d love to hear any of your tips on how to update my wardrobe so I’m comfortable playing with the kids without looking like I’m heading to the gym or the laundromat. Leave me a comment below.

Disclosure: I received a free product to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Samantha says

    Ooooo I love that skirt! It seems so basic and perfect to change it up in a wardrobe. It looks like it fits you perfectly too!

    Will definitely be checking it out – I love simple clothes that can enhance a wardrobe and I’m definitely in the market for that. Well done!

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