Gifts for the New Mom

Gifts for the New Mom

Mompact is the inspiration for this post, and although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

Becoming is a mom is one of the most amazing and wonder things in the world. It can also be very stressful, exhausting, scary, and lonely. Everyone loves shopping for gifts for a cute little baby, but sometimes it can be nice to welcome a new mom to the club with a gift for her instead of (or in addition to) one for the baby. Here’s a list of gifts that I think every new mom would love. I’ve included some practical gifts that will help with new mommy responsibilities and splurge gifts that are just a treat for her.

  • A nursing pillow – There are different brands with different features – Boppy, Mombo, and My Breast Friend to name a few – but they all help mom, dad, and other caretakers to be comfortable while feeding the baby. A nursing pillow is, in my opinion, a necessity if mom is breastfeeding, but it’s just as useful for moms who formula feed too. My nursing pillow was probably the baby item I used more than any other with all three of my kids, not just for feeding, but also for sitting them up, short naps, and tummy time (all while under constant supervision, of course).
  • New sheets for mom – Every list of “must have” baby items includes several crib sheets, but mom could probably use a new set of sheets too. I mean really, who couldn’t? I don’t know anyone with too many bed sheets! It’s a great splurge item because everyone loves a nice new set of sheets, but it’s practical too because a new mom is doing significantly more laundry than before; throwing in an extra set of sheets will give her another spare, and this can be especially helpful for times when baby spits up in mom’s bed, or throws up while napping with mom (I can’t count the times it’s happened to me!), or a quick diaper change on the bed goes horribly wrong. Amadora offers soft, beautiful sheets mom will surely love for any size bed.

Mompact Amadora Chevron sheets

  • A stylish bag – Lots of diaper bags are covered in duckies or bunnies or pastel colors. Instead, get mom a bag she’ll love – one that can carry everything she needs for herself and baby without compromising on style. LillyBit offers a diaper bag, diaper clutch, and a paci pouch and strap set, and each is offered in a variety of colors and styles that will appeal to every mom and don’t even look like they’re made for carrying diapers and pacifiers.

Mompact Lillybit diaper bag

  • Netflix – A new baby guarantees there will be many, many hours of rocking, holding, and feeding. I love Judge Judy as much as the next person, but I needed a little more variety when I was at home with a newborn all day long and Netflix was a lifesaver for me. Netflix is an ongoing gift too, because there are new shows and movies added each month and as baby grows to a toddler and preschooler, Netflix has a kids only section filled with educational and fun shows for kids and families.

Of course, who knows better than moms what moms need? Mompact, a community for mom entrepreneurs, is celebrating the Summer Spirit of Giving right now with some special promotions, including a virtual Giving Tree, Giveaway, Sales, and a Mompact #SSofGiving Twitter Party.

Mompact Summer Spirit of Giving

Mompact offers a variety of mom-invented products and they’re offer some amazing special deals during their Summer Spirit of Giving event. Individual mom entrepreneurs are offering special deals, but you can also save 60%-70% off retail prices on bundles of products, including this Stylish Mama Bundle, valued at $70, for only $29.95.

Mompact Stylish Mama BundleYou can also find bundles for babies and preschoolers on the Mompact.

Learn all about how you can participate in these fun events by clicking on this link: Summer Spirit of Giving

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