Giveaway – Santa’s Village AZoosment Park

*** This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winners: Dawn, Danceddd, and Melody! Thanks to all who entered and a special thanks to Santa’s Village AZoosment Park! 


Santa’s Village AZoosment Park Giveaway

*** This post was previously posted on Wednesday, May 9, but because of problems with Google’s Blogger, the post, and all the comments that had been made, disappeared. As of now, I don’t have any way to access the previous comments so if you already entered, PLEASE enter again! I’m so sorry for the inconvenience and I’ve extended the giveaway to Monday, May 23 at 11:59 pm.

Midge o’ Racer

I’m so excited about this! I’m a Chicagoan born & bred so I remember visiting Santa’s Village in Dundee (40 miles Northwest of Chicago) as a kid. Santa’s Village closed in 2005, but now it’s reopening as Santa’s Village AZoosment Park. Now I get to take my kids there so they can ride some of the same rides I went on!

The grand opening will be Friday, May 27 (Memorial Day weekend). Admission is $16.50 per person, with children 2 and under free, and includes all rides and attractions. Parking is free. Family season passes are available for $132 for four people, and $30 for each additional family member.

Original Santa’s Village Slide

The rides at Santa’s Village will be a combination of original Santa’s Village rides (Balloon Race, Convoy, Sleighride, and Starjet), rides from Kiddieland Amusement Park (Midge O’ Racer and Kiddie Whip), and new rides (Dragon Coaster, Kiddie Ferris Wheel, Kiddie Hand Trains, Swings, and Tilt-A-Whirl). I’m particularly excited about the Convoy; it’s so cool that kids “drive” while the adults are passengers!

Original Santa’s Village Convoy

In addition to the rides, there are a variety of animal exhibits (as you may have guess by the “aZOOsment”) – a petting zoo, pony rides, a walk-in aviary with over 200 birds, and an exotic animal show with a hands-on demonstration – as well as a magic show with Tim Balster, the Kids Bucks Game Show (where kids can win Santa’s Village bucks to spend in the park), and an arcade with a prize redemption area. There are picnic groves available for private events, and open to the public if not booked for events. Outside food is not allowed in the park Outside food IS now allowed in the park; there is a picnic area and coolers and small grills are allowed. There is a food area with a variety of options.

Petting Zoo

My family is very excited and we will be visiting Santa’s Village AZoosment Park when it opens, so check back here soon for more detailing information about the park and our experiences. OR, check out the park yourself! Thanks to the generosity of the Santa’s Village people, I have three family passes to give away! Family passes are good for four family members and they’re valid through June of this year. There will be THREE winners, receiving one family pass each.

Kiddie Whip

To enter:

  • Leave me a comment here. Feel free to tell me about a Santa’s Village memory, or what you’d like to see on Toddling Around Chicagoland, or just that you’d like to win, or anything else you feel like saying!

Optional extra entries – must complete above entry first & please leave one comment for each:

Please leave me a comment for EACH entry and your email address if it is not in your profile for each entry that you complete above so I can accurately pick a winner. This contest ends Monday, May 23. I will do everything I can to be sure each of the winners receives their pass before the opening weekend! Thanks everyone and good luck! Any comments that do not meet the requirements will be disqualified. This contest is only open to US residents.


  1. I took my son to santas village the last day it was open and now I have a daughter who just turned one and can't wait to take her email address is

  2. When I was a teen (quite a while ago…smile)EVERYONE worked at Santa's village. I think it will always be a memory of my generation. It was a great place for teens to work because it was fun!

  3. Would love to visit this Summer.

  4. Liked Toddling Around Chicagoland on facebook. Great way to find things for toddlers to do!! Never knew of it until it was posted on facebook!

  5. Posted on facebook about this giveaway (darn…rather keep it all to myself…smile)

  6. Oh, what fun!

    My aunt once took my cousins and me to Santa's Village. It was a great time!

  7. Fun! I remember going as a little girl. Can't wait to take my three kids there now! Seems like it will be less crowded than six flags, and more oriented t little kids.

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  9. Just liked santa's village and told em you sent me 🙂

  10. Such great childhood memories of Santa's Village – now I can't wait to create some with my children!!!

  11. I 'liked' Santa's Village AZoosment Park on Facebook & tolf them Toddling Around Chicagoland sent me!

  12. I “Like” Toddling Around Chicagoland on Facebook !!!

  13. My fav part was the fire truck ride? or train ride maybe? when we got to squirt water at a real burning “building” that is the only thing I remember.. it was so life like.. maybe that is why I remember it so well.

    Thank you for putting this blog together! Great idea! There is a nature center in Elgin by Randall and Rt 20. Hawthorne Hill Nature Center
    They have a FB page and do monthy “hike and story” for free and other paid classes for kids (ie. nature buddies)lots of nature artifacts in a kids museum like building.

    Thanks, Anna
    i dont use that AIM thing anymore. sorry

  14. I live about 10 mintues from here – great to hear they are opening again!

  15. I posted above using the AIM id and don't use it anymore either…my email is Sorry for the confusion. Thanks!

  16. Hi Sarah

    First of all Thank You so much for such a fun and informative blog. I am very very new to the Chicago area and have 2 young children and am always on the lookout for a variety of things to do with them and your blog is a great resource.
    Petting farmyard, pony rides, aviary … I can't ask for a more enriching experience for them and rides – well they can't ask for anything more fun 🙂 There is a Como Zoo in MN which is somewhat similar and my son still talks about it even though its been close to 4 years since we visited last ..this would be a dream come true for him.
    Thanks again

  17. I grew up in sleepy hollow and visited santas village several times every summer. I love that place! I cried when they closed it down. I cannot express how excited I am to be able to take my 2 and a half year old daughter. I live in elgin so I am still very close. I'm thinking about a season pass and would love the opportunity to check it out.

  18. I moved here recently. About the time I discovered the Community Thrift Shop (just north and across the street) I heard on the radio that they were selling some of the rides and closing Santa's Village. I would like the opportunity to CREATE memories there with my children, 14, 12, and 1. Thank you, Julie

  19. Facebook Likes and Reposted, Thank You for sharing information on the internet highway! Julie

  20. I went in the fall when it opened for a short period of time and it was great!

  21. My email is

  22. What an awesome give away:) I remember going to Santa's village as a kid, would love to go back:)

  23. Thankfully I had my comment saved in my gmail. So I'll repost it here. But yeah terrible abt the blogger acting the way it did! Anyways …

    Hi Sarah

    First of all Thank You so much for such a fun and informative blog. I am very very new to the Chicago area and have 2 young children and am always on the lookout for a variety of things to do with them and your blog is a great resource.
    Petting farmyard, pony rides, aviary … I can't ask for a more enriching experience for them and rides – well they can't ask for anything more fun 🙂 There is a Como Zoo in MN which is somewhat similar and my son still talks about it even though its been close to 4 years since we visited last ..this would be a dream come true for him.
    Thanks again

  24. Have added you to my reader! Needless to say the pleasure's all mine 🙂

  25. I already like Toddling Around Chicago on facebook.

  26. I am so excited that Santa's Village is reopening, I remember going there as a kid. I now have 4 kids that I would like to make the same memories for them.
    I love Toddling Around Chicago on Facebook, great idea! Thanks for all the great information.


  27. I took my son there on the last day it was open to the public. We had so much fun there. I loved going there and have such wonderful memories from there. I have since had a daughter who I can't wait to take there and make new memories with her and her brother.

  28. My email is forgot to include it in above post

  29. So excited to recreate my childhood memories with my kids!!

  30. I'm following you on twitter:)

  31. I “Liked” Santa's Village AZoosment Park on Facebook & told them Toddling Around Chicagoland sent me 🙂

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  33. I remember the commercials. I really would love to take my kids there! /thanks for hosting!

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  39. I'm so glad Santa's Village is opening again! It's great to have a place to take little kids since Kiddieland closed!

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  43. When I was a teen, the place to work was Santas village! What a great memory of a first job! My email is (sorry, can't remember my first post…so, its the short version this time)

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  46. Reposting…hope it makes my chances better to win! Always went on church outings to Santas Village. So glad it reopened so I can show my son some of my past…

  47. Reposting now! I used to go to santas village as a kid, now excited to take my three kids!

  48. Reposting. Loved going to the new Santa's Village last year. My kids loved it.

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  55. I remember when I went there and I was finally too big for the Slide – I didn't fit anymore in the little house at the top!

    How did I have no clue either they were re-opening!

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  57. Santas village FB fan (Cherise P K) and commented you sent me!

  58. fb fan of yours too!

  59. me me me!!

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  62. Hey ..I had forgotten to mention I had liked Santa's Village on facebook and told them you sent me.

  63. I remember visiting as a kid with my dad and cousins – I have some great pictures standing out in front. I really miss that place!

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  68. Thank you for the tiveaway! I remember going here all of the time as a kid! Hope I win so I can take my boys:)

  69. I follow your blog (and peddle it to every mom I encounter).

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  73. As one of the 1st to like the new Santas Village on FB, I have to say that Your site has been able to add Many people who like the site on facebook and toddlingaroundchicagoland, nice job. I went last year at the mini grand opening with my less than one year old, this year she will be able to enjoy a few more things, and next year with a new sibling, Next should be a reopening of the WaterPark!!!

  74. Haven't been there. Would love to check it out. Great page!

  75. I remember going to Santa's village for the 1st time with my Best Friend when we were kids and now I can't wait to share the experience with my children. I have just found your blog via AZOOSMENT park's FB page and I am thrilled to see so many places I can take my twin toddlers. I just liked your FB page as well so I can be kept up to date with current events, thanks for your hard work! Thanks so much and I can't wait to visit AZOOSMENT on Memorial day.

  76. I have never been, but it looks fun!
    kaylynaboss at gmail dot com

  77. I can't wait to take my own children here. I loved going as a kid. I remember a tree house ride that was my absolute favorite!

  78. OMG I thought Santas village was gone like the rest of the kids parks! I'm so excited to see it's still open. I remember going when I was a kid and am looking forward to bringing my kids this summer!

  79. I remember going to Santa's Village as a child, and I would LOVE to take my son there!

  80. I'm a follower!

  81. already like Santa's Village Azoosment Park on FB

  82. I'm very excited to get to take my daughter to Santa's Village since I also went there as a kid. I also went to Kiddieland as a kid, and took my daughter there three times the summer before it closed…she always asks why we can't go back. So,this is going to be a great summer!

  83. I peeked around your blog and liked it, so now I'm a follower too!

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  86. I would love to win! I remember going as a kid! 🙂

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  91. I would LOVE to win this so we can take my daughter!

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  98. I loved Santa's Village when I was a kid! I was always so excited to go there. My favorite was riding the fire truck and putting out the fire with the hoses!

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  102. What a great place especially since they closed down Kiddieland. I can't wait to take my 8yo with Autism there! Thanks for letting us know about this opportunity!

  103. Loved Santa's Village and so happy it's back! Please pick me to win!

  104. I went to Santa's Village as a child with my family and now that I have my own children, would love to go back. Thanks for the chance to win!

  105. I remember going there as a child and it was 100 degrees outside. I didn't get to see Santa because it was too hot out for him. Now I have 2 kids and will be taking them there.

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  111. Would love some tickets! I have a 2 yr old that would get a kick out of this!!!

  112. My 2 oldest daughters were heartbroken when they closed. They are going to be soooo happy when they hear the news!

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    Chris Schneider

  115. Can not wait to walk through Santa's Village with my kids…such great memories of going there every summer when my Dad was on vacation 🙂

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  121. Would love to take my kids back there…hope to win!!

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  123. Follow your blog & Like on FB
    Never went to Santas village, but would love to see it all w/ the children!!

  124. SOOOO excited that Santa's Village is reopening!! It closed the year my sons were born and I was SO sad I was not going to share that with them! I LOVED the fire truck ride as a kid! Now we just need to reopen racing rapids!

  125. I liked Toddling around chicago on FB!!

  126. I liked Santa's Village Azoosment park on FB!

  127. I am now a follower of your blog

  128. I had my 6th birthday at santas village and would love to go back with my son now.

  129. I posted on FB about this giveaway

  130. I posted to my blog about this!

  131. I fondly recall riding the firetruck and putting out the “fire”. What kid doesn't like spraying water, right?

  132. I “liked” you on facebook

  133. The last time I went I was in eighth grade and about to graduate, my friends and I had so much fun, wiuld lice to take my girls.

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