Green Eggs (2 Ways) and “Ham”

I’m in a Seuss-y kind of mood today. It’s Dr. Seuss’s birthday and The Lorax is in theatres today! What better way to start a Seussy day than with green eggs and ham. Here’s my version:

Green Eggs (2 ways) & Ham - Dr. Seuss food

I made two kinds of green eggs – scrambled (“Daddy eggs” in our house) and over-easy (“Mommy eggs” or “eggs with sauce”). To make the scrambled eggs I tossed some eggs in my mini blender along with a bit of frozen spinach (the kids don’t even know it’s there!) and blended it together.

Green eggs (2 ways) & ham - Dr. Seuss food - blender

I wanted it a little greener, so I added just a couple of drops of green food coloring.

For the eggs over-easy, I broke the eggs in a bowl and separated the yolks from the whites using a slotted spoon.

Green eggs and ham - Dr. Seuss food - separating eggs

There are a couple ways to green the whites of the eggs. You can add spinach and/or food coloring and blend, but they wind up pretty thick and fluffy like scrambled eggs. Or, you can add just a drop or two of food coloring and stir. Stirring vigorously will spread the color out better, but will add a lot of air bubbles (like the picture below). If you stir gently the color won’t spread as much, but it will preserve the consistency of the egg whites (like the picture at the top of this post). Pour the whites (or in this case “greens”) into the pan and then gently pour an egg yolk on top.

Green eggs & ham - Dr. Seuss food - egg over easy

In place of ham we had hot dogs – always a favorite in our house. The boys were pretty happy!

Green eggs & ham - Dr. Seuss food - Cooper

Green eggs & ham - Dr. Seuss food - Dexter


Have you had any special Dr. Seuss meals or snacks?


  1. Loved that you have “Mommy” and “Daddy” eggs. We do too in our home! We had our green eggs scrambled, but those are “Daddy’s” eggs. I will have to try your over easy eggs for me next time! We usually do our Seuss celebration at dinner time, but my husband and our oldest had to get into Chicago for Dozin’ with the Dinos tonight so we had it at lunch!

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