Hallmark Northpole Inspires New Holiday Traditions

Disclosure for #NorthpoleFun #CollectiveBias

Hallmark Northpole Inspires New Holiday Traditions #NorthpoleFun #CollectiveBias

I love Christmas. Who doesn’t? I love Christmas songs, shopping for gifts, and all the traditions that come with Christmas – trimming the tree, baking cookies, seeing lights, etc. Hallmark and #CollectiveBias stepped in and inspired me to try a brand new tradition this year.

Hallmark is offering a huge selection of Northpole Fun holiday items at Walmart stores this season, and they’re perfect for giving as gifts or having some holiday fun with your family.

Exchanging gifts is great, but I wanted to try something a little different this year. I prepared a couple gifts with no expectation of a gift in return; a surprise for some friends of ours who are important to us and have been wonderfully generous to us throughout the year. Plus, these gifts are just too much fun to wait until Christmas – I want to give them right away! I think they’ll help families to enjoy the season even more.

My little helper elf Campbell and I did a little shopping at Walmart, and found the Hallmark #NorthpoleFun display right at the front of the store.


Hallmark Northpole Inspires New Holiday Traditions - #NorthpoleFun #ad #CollectiveBias

Hallmark Northpole Inspires New Holiday Traditions - #NorthpoleFun #ad #CollectiveBias

There were so many fun books, games, and toys to choose from that we spent quite a while making our selections. I finally chose a Once Upon A Northpole Christmas story book with a Find Me Santa Snowflake, a few Magic Snowballs (for the gift baskets I was making and some extras that will find their way into my kids’ Christmas stockings!), Santa Goggles with map and activities, Peppermint Ring Fling, and some Magic Reveal Cups.

Hallmark Northpole Inspires New Holiday Traditions - #NorthpoleFun #ad #CollectiveBias

We picked up a few other essentials, plus what we’d need to create the gift baskets, and we were ready to go!

Hallmark Northpole Inspires New Holiday Traditions - #NorthpoleFun #ad #CollectiveBias

At home, I spent quite a while playing with testing some Magic Snowballs. They’re very soft plush snowballs, which is cool enough already, but when you drop them or bounce them off something they light up! My pictures don’t do it justice – it’s really something you have to try for yourself.

Magic Snowball #NorthpoleFun #CollectiveBias

I prepared gift baskets for two families. In the first basket I included a story book they can enjoy together with an ornament they can add to their tree, as well as a Magic Snowball, a cup for each child, and Santa hats for everyone in the family.

Hallmark Northpole Inspires New Holiday Traditions - #NorthpoleFun #ad #CollectiveBias

For the other family, I included some activities I think they’ll enjoy – a Peppermint Fling Rings family game, Santa Goggles with the map and activities, and a Magic Snowball.

Hallmark Northpole Inspires New Holiday Traditions - #NorthpoleFun #ad #CollectiveBias

I probably won’t be able to hide who the gifts are from since I’m publishing this blog post, but I do think they’ll be surprised. With the help of Hallmark, I hope we can bring some #NorthpoleFun to their December!

I’ll probably pick up some more Northpole toys – they would be perfect for hostess gifts, office gifts, or even for donating to charities.

If you’d like to learn more about #NorthpoleFun from Hallmark, check out these short YouTube videos:

What are your favorite holiday traditions? Will you be starting any new traditions this year?

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