Home Is In the Air with Air Wick’s Life Scents Holiday Collection

Home is in the Air with Air Wick's Life Scents Holiday Collection #IC [ad] @AirWickUSThe holidays are quickly approaching and like most people I have a list of activities and traditions they we have to do so it feels like Christmas. In a couple weeks we’ll be decorating the tree, playing Christmas carols, and driving around the area looking at Christmas lights. We’ll probably do a little baking, and definitely do a lot of shopping and gift wrapping.

Although these things are all on my “must do” list, when I really think of my favorite holiday memories they’re not all tied to things we see, do, or taste. In fact, many of them are about smells. The smell of dinner on Christmas Eve at my parents’ house; the smell of fresh cut Christmas trees; the smell of cookies baking. Without doing anything, I can smell any of these things and immediately be flooded with memories and holiday spirit.

In fact, this year my plan is to do a little less. Of course we won’t ditch all of our traditions, but I’m letting go of the stress of trying to have gifts that look like Martha Stewart wrapped them, and my kids waking up to our elf having amazing adventures every night. I’m going to slow down and FEEL the holiday spirit instead of trying to project a Pinterest-like version of holiday spirit. We’ll read more Christmas books with the kids, spend more time sipping cocoa, and relax as a family. We’ll also try to do more for others instead of worrying about things like perfectly decorated cookies.


Through it all, we’ll be enjoying the new Life Scents Collection from Air Wick, which is the first to ever offer constantly changing fragrances. The Life Scents Holiday Collection includes Spiced Apple Crumble, Snowflake Vanilla Cookie, Emerald Woodland, and Berry Cool Winter. Not only are these scents available as candles, but you can also get them in plugin refills, Freshmatic® Auto Spray Refills, and wax melts. There are lots of ways to make your home feel festive for the holidays – lights, a tree, lawn decorations – but Air Wick’s Life Scents Holiday Collection scents are a perfect way to instantly transform your home – to make it festive and invoke memories of past holidays – and it doesn’t involve untangling lights, climbing on a ladder, or being out in the cold. It’s as simple as adding them to your shopping list and letting the scent fill your home.

Air Wick Life Scents Holiday Collection candles also make a great holiday gift for teachers, family members, friends, or hosts. Fill their house with holiday scent and spirit!

Before writing this, I received two of the Life Scents Holiday Collection candles from Air Wick – Spiced Apple Crumble and Emerald Woodland. Both are beautiful scents that immediately bring the mind the holidays. I lit a candle in my room to enjoy the Spiced Apple Crumble and it was so relaxing! I plan to have both candles (and maybe getting a few more scents) nearby when we’re reading Christmas stories, when I’m doing my online holiday shopping, and when we’re just enjoying spending time together.


In celebration of its Life Scents Holiday Collection, Air Wick has partnered with Habitat for Humanity and is launching the Give the Gift of Home campaign. Air Wick will be donating a portion of their profits in the amount of $250,000 to assist families with Habitat for Humanity. To celebrate this amazing endeavor, Air Wick created a video about how scents are so powerful that they can trigger memories and even make us feel at home. Get your tissue ready, because it’s a really sweet video telling the stories of people moving from homes they’ve lived in for a long time and how Air Wick managed to capture the essence of home for them in a candle so that even when their surrounding change they’re still at home.

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