iFly Giveaway and Father’s Day Special

Indoor skydiving

John and Cooper visited iFly in Rosemont last night for a pre-Father’s Day outing. Cooper has flown once before, but it was John’s first time.

The iFly experience starts with a short training session where you learn how to enter and exit the tunnel, and what different hand signals mean. Next, iFly crews gets you all geared up with a flight suit, earplugs, and a helmet. Cooper was excited to try flying with the full helmet (they didn’t offer them the last time we visited) and reported that it made the experience much better because his mouth and face weren’t flapping in the wind!

An expert instructor accompanies each flyer into the tunnel to assist with body positioning and to make sure the experience is safe and fun.

John took two 2-minute flights and Cooper took three 2-minute flights and they had a blast. They had a chance to not only get comfortable in the wind tunnel and have a chance to fly on their own (with the instructor in the tunnel with them), learn a few tricks, and fly high in the tunnel with the instructor.

After everyone has completed their flights, the expert instructor gets a chance to demonstrate some of the really amazing things expert flyers can do in the tunnel.

iFly is a great experience for the whole family. Kids as young as 3 can fly! I do recommend checking out the website before planning your flight because there are some restrictions on who can and should fly.

Right now iFly has an amazing deal going on for Father’s Day – 20% off First Time Flyer and Return Flyer packages! When booking, use the promo code FATHERSDAY2016. Take advantage of this offer SOON because you must book and fly before June 19, 2016 to get this deal.

WOW! Win two vouchers for the iFly in Rosemont! Each voucher is good for a “Spread Your Wings” experience which includes 4 flights, or 2 double-length flights. Enter on the form below and good luck!

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  1. Kristin b says

    I’d fly with my daughter. She loves ifly

  2. I would fly with my son!

  3. I’d bring the boys!

  4. Alina Hahn says

    I would love to bring my husband and son. I think we could convince our son to do this 🙂 he would love it!

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