Imagine Toys BBQ Blitz Review and Giveaway

Imagine Toys BBQ Blitz Review & Giveaway

Imagine Toys asked me if my kids would be interested in trying out the new BBQ Blitz game recently and since we don’t really have any games they understand (seems like they even have trouble with Candyland) I was pretty excited about it.

The BBQ Blitz game includes a game board (the box doubles as a grill game board), 16 burgers with 4 different toppings, 4 spatulas, 12 buns, and 4 paper plates with a different topping on each. The game is for up to four players and is intended for ages 4 and up.

BBQ Blitz is a matching game, but it helps with fine motor skills as well. Each player gets a paper plate and spatula and the buns and burgers are placed on the grill with the burgers placed topping side down. Once you start the game, each player has to flip a burgers on the grill to see if they match the topping on their paper plate. If it does, they put the burger on their plate, and if not, they flip it back and try again. The first player to fill their plate with four burgers and four buns wins.

We sat down to play BBQ Blitz as a family. We played the first game together and then John played with the boys while I sat out (so I could take pictures). The boys really seemed to enjoy the game. Dexter’s only 2 so he had a little trouble with the rules; when he turned over a burger that wasn’t his instead of putting it back he tried to give it to the person who had that plate. It took a little while but he eventually got the hang of it.

As the description states, the game definitely encourages kids to exercise matching skills and fine motor skills. Cooper was very excited to win the game too.

After John and I were done playing, the boys were happy to continue playing together. My only complaint is that there are 16 burgers and 16 places for the burgers on the paper plates, but only 12 buns. It’s fine if you’re playing the game as intended because the first person to get all the burgers on their plate wins, but it would be nice to have 16 buns as well. The boys were happy to play without competing and just match the burgers and put the buns on top, but it would have been better to have all the buns so they could complete all the burgers.

Want a chance to win your own BBQ Blitz game? This is a great summer game, but it would be fun year-round so you could save it for a Christmas gift too. Enter below to win. If the entry form is not visible, click on the title of the post above.

I received a complimentary BBQ Blitz game for this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Samantha says

    LOVE that e-chopper!!

  2. We like the turtle lawnmower.

  3. I love the wooden parking garage! Adorable!

  4. Zoob Traveler Building Set love this!

  5. Danielle T says

    i think the turtle lawn mower is super cute

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    I like the Wheelypig!

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    tcogbill at live dot com

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    Turtle lawn mower!

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  11. I like the wooden parking garage!

  12. That T Rex Skeleton is AWESOME! My boys would totally dig that!

  13. My kids would LOVE this! Thanks for introducing us to a new game!

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