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John has been pestering me to get a dog lately. Something about kids needing a dog. I agree, I guess.

I’ll admit, I miss having a dog greet us when we get home, and cuddle with us when we’re watching tv or sleeping, or playing with the kids.

A dog isn’t very practical for us, but I definitely want one in the future. Until we do get one, we’ll be streaming cats and dogs on Netflix. The best part is, with streaming pets there’s no clean up, no feeding, and no worries about travel. I can stream Netflix anywhere on my tablet or computer!

Little kids should love these Netflix streaming picks:

Streaming Cats & Dogs - #StreamTeam #ad - little kids

And here are some great choices for the older kids:

Streaming Cats & Dogs - #StreamTeam #ad - big kids

The Adventures of Puss in Boots is new to Netflix – it just started on January 16. If you’ve seen the Puss in Boots movie, you know it’s pretty funny. The first season (5 episodes) of The Adventures of Puss in Boots follows suit. It’s a great family comedy!

Jumanji is a favorite in our house. Cooper especially loves any kind of adventure movie, and Jumanji definitely fits the bill.

There are plenty of pet shows for grownups too!

Streaming Cats & Dogs - #StreamTeam #ad - grownups


John and I were so excited that Friends came to Netflix this year. We wore out our old dvds of the show years ago because we watched them so much, and now we can stream any episode any time! I think my very favorite episode is The One with Chandler in a Box. What’s yours?

If you’re snowed in (school snow day today for us!), how about a yummy cup of hot chocolate with some Marsh-Meows? YUM!


And this is a fun craft – a Puss in Boots Kitty Cat Bank – that you can make with things you probably already have at home.

stream team puss in boots craft

What’s your favorite dog or cat from a show or movie?

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