JORD Wooden Watches – Review & Giveaway

JORD Wooden Watches Review - Toddling Around Chicagoland

Every once in a while I get offers to try out new products. I try to choose really useful or unique products that I think other parents will be interested in reading about, and Jord wooden watches fit both of those categories. (Pictured above from left to right are watches from the Fieldcrest, the Sully, and the Ely series.)

Yep, these watches are wooden! I was really curious what they’d look and feel like in person. We received the cherry and maple Sully watch and it’s beautiful and it is really wood – even the back of the watch.

Jord wooden watch review - Toddling Around Chicagoland

I’m generally not much of a watch or jewelry person, but the Jord watches seemed unique to me. Toddling Dad took his watch to a large chain jewelry store to have it sized down to fit him and several of the employees were really interested in it and said they’d never seen anything like it before.

Here’s what Toddling Dad thinks after testing out his Jord watch:

I received a Jord watch for a review a few weeks ago.

I like watches. Well, really, I like clocks. Obsessively. Like Dr. Brown in Back to The Future obsessively. My house would be lined with clocks if my wife would let me. She won’t. So I’ve begun to collect watches.

I am a bit of a snob about it. I am very picky. I like watches that are classic, but different. That would be the best way to describe Jord.

My watch has a large legible face with bold metal numbers against a cherry background on a link-style two-tone band. So, classic, but also very, very different from any watch I have ever owned, because Jord watches are made of wood. The watches, you can see on the Jord website, are beautiful. I have a cherry and maple Sully model. A close examination shows that they are very well made, and the wood grain really shows through the finish.

With the advent of the ubiquitous cell phone, watches have entirely ceased to be a utilitarian object. They are only an accessory and they are there to stand out. This watch does without being obnoxious. I really like it, and the style I chose does an interesting job of skirting the line between formal and casual. I can wear it to court with a suit, or just about anywhere else.

Wood does take some getting used to. The watch is unusually lightweight for it’s size, but I predict this watch will be in heavy rotation.

A Jord watch would make a great gift for the man in your life. Perfect for Father’s Day!

Win your very own cherry & maple Sully wooden watch! 

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  1. This is PERFECT for my dad!!! Everything he owns, he tries to get made from wood. (He lives in a little wood cabin in the… woods…)

  2. Oh- and I’m pretty sure he’d like the Sully best.

  3. The 746 in Cherry and Black – That is gorgeous!

  4. All the styles are SO cool! The Ely and Fieldcrest models are beautiful too. I think my brother would (wood) love this watch.

  5. Clint Weiss says

    My fave is the 94A in chocolate

  6. These are beautiful! My husband likes the Fieldcrest watch in the natural green wood.

  7. I like the 746 in maple and black

  8. I love the cherry and maple sully! It almost has a retro feel w/the stripe design. So cool! I’ve never seen anything like these- my husband is a huge watch guy and is love to give this to him!

  9. Birdiebee says

    My favorite JORD Watch is the Ely in cherry.

  10. Shawn Flowers says

    This would be great if they actually sent you a watch after you pay for it. I ordered some for my parents anniversary and when nothing showed up later I tried to determine why. After SEVERAL attempts to contact someone at the company I was informed it would be 30 or 40 more days before my order would ship. I am in the process of trying to cancel my order, although after a week of contacting them every way I can I have not heard back… This is clearly a badly run company, shop at your own risk.

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