KEEN Introduces Kids’ Encanto Collection

Keen Introduces Kids' Encanto Collection [spon]

I have a bit of a shoe problem. I shoes so I buy them more than I should and I’ve amassed quite the collection. A few years ago my friend posted a photo on Facebook of her new shoes – KEEN Harvest MJ Woven Rice Bag – and I fell in love with them. I’m usually an impulse shoe-buyer, but I hunted these down because I thought they were adorable, and I was thrilled when I got them to discover they’re super comfortable too! I wear them all the time, even with some warm socks when it’s really cold out (I know it’s probably a fashion no-no to wear socks with mary janes, but I figure the shoes are cute enough to pull it off). We recently took a vacation that involved almost constant walking and I wore my KEENs for most of the trip.

Sarah's KEEN Harvest MJ Shoes - Woven Rice Bag

You would think that since I’m completely head-over-heels for my KEENs that I would buy them for the rest of the family, but somehow that didn’t occur to me. Luckily, I was contacted by KEEN to see if I’d like the kids to try out their new Kids’ Encanto Collection. YES, of course I would!

The Encanto Collection is a new addition to the footwear KEEN offers for kids and it’s meant to be more durable and stylish. It’s for kids who love playing and exploring outside, which perfectly describes my two youngest boys, Dexter and Campbell.

Dexter got a pair of the KEEN Encanto Sneakers. Dexter is often very picky about what clothes or shoes he likes, but when I saw the Encanto options I knew he’d love any one of them so I asked KEEN to surprise us with a pair.

Keen Encanto Sneakers

Here’s what I love about them:

  • They’re adorable. Seriously, why don’t they make these in my size? I’m totally jealous.
  • No tying necessary. Dexter’s still working on learning to tie his shoes, but it’s often difficult to find shoes in his size that don’t need to be tied. The Encanto Sneaker has these cool fixed stretchy laces, but fasten with a hook and loop closure on the top strap. They’re super easy to slip on and off and the strap provides a snug fit. I’d actually love something like this for Cooper, too. He can tie well, but his shoes are always untied so these would be great.
  • They’re sturdy. From the minute I took them out of the box I could feel the difference between these shoes and Dexter’s old ones. They’re firm and flexible and have added rubber around the bottom and at the toes.
  • He wear them! Dexter wears these shoes every chance he gets; he checks every day to make sure it’s not rainy or snowy before putting them on (he says he doesn’t want to get them dirty) and when he opts for boots instead he often packs his KEENs in his backpack to change into at school. Even when we play outside he wears them! This is shocking because normally if it’s above freezing and we’re outside, Dexter’s shoes are off. He loves being barefoot, but apparently he loves wearing his new sneakers more.
  • We can (hopefully!) say goodbye to stinky shoes. These KEENs have Cleansport NXT, a natural, chemical-free enzyme that helps control odor in the shoes. Dexter’s worn these a LOT and so far we’re not noticing any odor. With 3 (active) boys in my house, this could be groundbreaking for us.

Keen Encanto sneakers

Campbell got the Encanto Waterproof Boot, perfect for a 3-year-old who loves running in the snow and splashing in puddles. Again, I thought all the styles were great so we were surprised by KEEN with these boots in Poseidon and KEEN Yellow.  It’s hard to keep these off Campbell’s feet, even when it’s not wet outside; sometimes it’s hard to keep them off him inside!

Keen snow boots

Here’s what I really like about the KEEN Encanto Waterproof Boots:

  • They’re lightweight. Just like the Encanto Sneakers, I noticed a difference in these boots when I took them out of the box. They’re much lighter than the boots we’ve had before and less bulky too. This makes them more comfortable for Campbell, and also easier for me. I used to dread taking booted kids to the grocery store because it was hard to fit their boots through the leg holes of the cart. We don’t have that problem with the Encanto Boots. Other boots would also sometimes fall off when his feet dangled because they were so bottom-heavy, but the Encanto Boots stay on.
  • They’re waterproof. Even without the bulk and weight of other boots, Encanto boots are waterproof. The boot is covered in a waterproof membrane so I know Campbell’s feet are going to stay warm and dry no matter what he gets into.
  • Easy to put on. These boots are super easy to slip on – Cam can even do it himself. This is important to me because at least 85% of my day is getting shoes on and off kids. (Okay, maybe not 85%, but that’s what it feels like.) They fit great and they have a bungee cord you can tighten to make them secure at the top. (As you can see, Campbell prefers the bungee loose. I would be sure to tighten it if the snow was deep to prevent him from getting snow inside the boots.
  • Again, they’re adorable. I love these. I like that they aren’t covered in cartoon characters; we definitely have some clothing with characters on it, but I like having other options. Not only do I think they’re cuter, but I don’t have to worry about my son’s interest in the character wearing out before the boots do. These are bright and fun and look great.
  • No odor! These have the same Cleansport NXT as the Encanto Sneakers so hopefully we’ll keep the boot odor away.

Stomping in Keen boots

Campbell seriously loves splashing in these boots!

Here is the entire KEEN Kids’ Encanto Collection. Visit the KEEN website for more information and to buy a pair or several. (And don’t forget shoes, boots, and sandals for mom and dad while you’re there!)

KEEN Kid’s Encanto Sneaker for toddlers (sizes 4 through 7)

KEEN Kids' Encanto Sneakers for toddlers

KEEN Kid’s Encanto Sneaker for little kids (sizes 8 through 13)

KEEN Kids' Encanto Sneakers for little kids

KEEN Kid’s Encanto Polka for little kids (sizes 8 through 13)

KEEN Kids' Encanto Polka for little kids

KEEN Kid’s Encanto Waterproof Boot (sizes 8 through 13):


KEEN Kids' Encanto Collection boots

Aren’t they all adorable? Which ones do you think are the cutest?

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