KidsWork Children’s Museum

KidsWork Children’s Museum – website

Location: 11 S. White Street, Frankfort

Phone: 815-469-1199

Closed Mondays (except for school holidays)
Tuesday – Saturday    9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sunday                     11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Open some Thursday evenings

Admission: $6 per person; $5 for seniors.
Family memberships start at $85 and includes free admission to the museum for two adults and their children, invitations to special member’s only events, 10% off purchases at the gift shop, and four guest passes. The Family Plus membership is $115 and includes the same benefits as the other family membership plus a free guest each visit and it’s a Reciprocal Membership which gives you free or discounted admission at more than 100 Association of Children’s Museum members throughout the U.S.

Parking: Free in attached lot.

Bathrooms: The museum is located inside the Trolley Barn, which is like a small mall. The bathrooms are just outside the museum in the mall area. There is one bathroom on the lower level near the entrance to the museum and it does not have a changing table. The larger bathroom with a changing table is located upstairs. It can be reached by going up the stairs or elevator outside the museum or through the door in near the art room on the second floor of the museum. There are a few stairs to get to the museum from that door, or there is a lift available for wheelchairs and strollers.

Nursing: There is no designated nursing area. There are a few benches throughout the museum.

Handicapped/stroller accessibility: The museum is accessible, but it might be a bit of a struggle with a wheelchair or stroller. The elevator is not inside the museum, and requires the use of the lift to reach the museum on the second floor. There are wide open spaces that would be convenient for a wheelchair or stroller.

Other amenities: There is a small gift shop at the entrance to the museum. There are coat hooks just outside the museum. The museum is located inside the Trolley Barn, so there are a variety of businesses nearby.

Food/eating area: There is no food in the museum, and no place to eat, except for birthday parties. Frankfort Meats & Deli and Kernel Sweettooth are located inside the Trolley Barn. There are other restaurants nearby, as well as a park for picnicking.

Special events: Visit the website for information about upcoming special events.


– 911 Center – Complete with uniforms, phones, and play computers, the 911 Center lets kids learn about how what happens in an emergency.

– Move it!

– Builders of Tomorrow – blocks, trucks, and dollhouses

– Tot Spot – an enclosed area is for littlest museum visitors; there are toys, pillows, mats, and a play structure

– What a Puzzle – a variety of puzzles as well as a magnifying glass, magnet activities, and other activities to explore

– Pin Screen – a wall of movable metal “pins” that children can use to make impressions of their hand, foot, or other whole body

– Sensory Table – a large table with large glass beads (like rocks) and different items – like measuring spoons, cups, and plastic toys

– Pet Vet – stuffed animal vet office

– Learning Tree – outdoor themed activities including tents, wooden toys, and an outdoor mural

– Reading Center – a rack of books

– Sounds of Music – pipes for kids to bang on and play with to create different sounds

– Light and Shadows – light tables and a light room

– Rock Table – a sensory table with rocks and a garden theme

– Face Painting

– Imagine Theater – a large theater with costumes, a ticket booth, and a puppet theater

– Artworks Art Room

We paid: Nothing because we had a membership to KidsWork. Without the membership it would have cost us $18 for me and the boys or $24 for our whole family.

Our experience:

We have visited KidsWork several times. The boys always have a good time.

KidsWork is smaller than the other children’s museums we’ve been to, but it’s good for younger kids. I liked that they could play in different areas and I could still keep an eye on both of them. Although we’ve been there several times (usually on weekdays), it’s only been busy twice – once during their “Noon Year’s Eve” event, and once when there was a large school group visiting. Most of the time there are not many people and the kids have a lot of space to play.

The kids seemed to like the grocery store, dinosaur dig area, theater, and art room the most. Although the museum is smaller than others, we had no problem spending a few hours there.

I wouldn’t bring a stroller if it can be avoided. The elevator is a bit out of the way so it’s kind of inconvenient going up or down and the museum is small enough that unless you have a sleeping infant you won’t really need it.

We’ve visited several times and some of the exhibits and toys seem to change pretty regularly. The contents of the sensory table changed and during the winter last year they had a large carpet upstairs with carpet skis so the kids could “ice skate” inside.

KidsWork is a great place to spend a few hours. I like that there aren’t a lot of crowds and it’s small without being boring. There isn’t a water table, which is usually a favorite for the boys, but that makes it less stressful for me because I don’t have to worry about a change of clothes. Overall I think it’s a low stress day – plenty to keep the kids busy and I don’t have to worry as much about them getting lost in the crowd or getting out of my sight.


  1. We are headed out to try this Museum today. Yesterday we saw the new Ready Pet Go at CCM – and mentioned your site on their survey as our GOTO for kids events.

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