Kingdom Quest Laser Ride at Legoland Discovery Center

Kingdom Quest Laser Ride at Legoland Discovery Center – website

This weekend we were invited to a special event at the Legoland Discovery Center and we got to test out the brand new Kingdom Quest Laser Ride, which officially opened today.

Legoland closed their Dragon Quest ride a while ago to change it to the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride. The kids, Cooper especially, was really excited about trying out the new ride. The ride itself is the same – a 4-passenger car that moves along a track – but most of the scenes and visuals along the way are new. Each car has been equipped with a laser gun for each passenger. As you travel along the track there are Lego creations with targets and interactive video screens for you to shoot. Each passenger has a score display in the car so they can keep track of their score and compare (or compete) with the other passengers. There is a photo taken during the ride and it includes the final scores (although on ours Dexter and John’s scores were reversed). Some of the displays are the same – the red-eyed bats hanging from the ceiling and the dragon at the end. Cooper has been afraid of both of these in the past, but seemed much more confident with a laser gun in his hand. Dexter didn’t shoot anything, but enjoyed holding the gun during the ride.

Unfortunately most of my pictures from the ride came out pretty blurry, but we enjoyed it a lot and I’m sure we will be riding it a lot when we visit Legoland in the future.

In addition to the new ride, Legoland Discovery Center has spruced up wall murals in the upstairs building/play area and the party rooms and expanded the Princess Palace building area. The play structure was improved and expanded last year into the LEGO City Construction Site Play Zone (read about that and see pictures in my Toddler Tuesday post).

For more information about Legoland, visit my full post about Legoland Discovery Center.

My family was invited to attend a special media event to preview the new ride. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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