LEGO Deals at Zulily

In case you hadn’t noticed, I love LEGOs, and so do my kids. Getting a great deal on LEGO stuff is even better! Zulily, a deal site that offers discounted prices on great products for kids and parents, has a great selection of LEGO items today.

CHECK OUT SOME OF THESE GREAT DEALS ON LEGO MERCHANDISE AT ZULILY TODAY! (There’s also lots of other brands available too!) Hurry to order – deals on Zulily only last up to 72 hours and some of the LEGO items are sure to sell out fast.

I’ve always wanted a LEGO Sort & Store… for the boys, of course. Drop the blocks in the top and shake it gently and the pieces fall into small, medium, and large sections. It holds over 1,000 pieces and it’s adorable! The storage case lets the kids sort the bricks and other pieces on their own so it’ll be great for holding wheels, doors, and windows that the boys are always looking for. And yes, my boys will be getting these for Christmas (shh.. don’t tell!), but they’re kind of a present for me!

If your kids love Star Wars you’ll find tons of LEGO Star Wars stuff on the Zulily site. I love the Brickmaster sets too; I already have some packed away for Christmas! There’s lots of other fun stuff too – water bottles, flashlights, keychains, and much more!

Cooper has had the “Hit The Bricks” LEGO shoes for two sizes now, and Dexter is very excited to grow into them so he can wear them too. They don’t have this style in Cooper’s next size so I just ordered him some of the Concrete Grey shoes – just in time for him to learn how to tie his laces!

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