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*** The giveaway for Legoland passes is now over. Keep watching the blog, because we may have more in the future!

Location: Streets of Woodfield, 601 N. Martingale Road, Schaumburg, IL 60173

Phone: 847-592-9700

Monday – Friday 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday 10:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Check out the detailed weekly opening hours on the website because they often open at 10 am instead of 12:00.

Admission: $19 for adults, $15 for children, and children 2 and under are free.
Tickets can be purchased online at a discount – adult tickets for $15 and children’s tickets for $12.00. Midweek tickets are available online for $10/person, or midweek after 3pm for $8.50/person.
LDC Unlimited Annual Passes are $40 per person ($35/pp online) and members receive discounts and additional benefits.
Oaklee’s Guide has coupons for weekday admission for one adult and one child for $14, valid until May 31, 2011.

Parking: Free parking.

Bathrooms: There is a private family bathroom available on the first floor near the entrance. The second floor has public bathrooms as well as a private bathroom. There are changing tables in the bathrooms.

Nursing: There are no nursing areas. There are chairs and some comfortable seating, especially on the second floor.

Handicapped/stroller accessibility: Legoland is very accessible. The walkways are wide and there is an elevator to the second floor. I brought my double stroller in a couple times and I’ve had no problems getting around.

Other amenities: There are pegs for hanging coats and lockers available, but you probably wouldn’t notice them until you’re leaving. When you head in, turn left before going into Miniland, pass the store (which is where you exit), and just to your right, near the stairs, you’ll find coat racks and lockers.
There is a gift shop. Birthday parties, field trips for pre-schools, schools, homeschoolers, and other groups, and educational workshops can be arranged. There are celebration rooms available for parties and groups.
You can sign your child up for LEGO Club for free and they will receive a magazine subscription, email newsletter, access to the Lego Club website, and information about exclusive special events.

Food/eating area: There is a Cafe that sells food and drinks. It’s a little pricier than a fast food restaurant, but not outrageous. There are lots of tables, but no high chairs. They do not allow you to bring in outside food. There are restaurants of every kind nearby, and there are a couple outdoor tables nearby if the weather is nice.

Special events:
April 30 – May 1 Lego Club Weekend with Hero Factory themed activities
June 24 – 26 Lego Star Wars Days
August 13 – 14 Lego Club Weekend with Alien Conquest themed activities


– Miniland – Nearly 1.5 MILLION blocks make up this tiny version of downtown Chicago, which includes Buckingham Fountain, Sears Tower, the El, and tons of other places you’ll recognize. Some of the pieces move and there are interactive parts, like the fire engine that pulls out (complete with lights) when you push a button, and a construction site where kids can control the crane. Nighttime comes and the lights in the room go down as the lights in the city come on. This is one of my favorite parts of Legoland. The kids love it, but are ready to move on pretty quickly, while I could spend an hour just looking over all the details.

– Jungle Adventure – This is a jungle scene with life-sizish animals made of Legos. It’s a little dark in the jungle area and the animals are large and some of them move, like the swinging monkey. My kids are a bit hesitant entering the jungle, but not scared. After walking through the jungle, there’s a hallway with glow-in-the-dark paint, followed by a room with a giant spider. Both of these were pretty scary to Cooper so we tend to move a little faster through that part.

– Hall of Fame – The Hall of Fame has life-size characters like Batman, Harry Potter, and President Obama. The characters sometimes change. Most recently, they were celebrating President’s Day with a Presidential portrait made from Legos. There’s an opportunity to purchase a photo of you with a Lego character or scene. Legos are available for building.

– Dragon Quest – Ride in a green dragon through medieval castle scenes! Kids must be able to stand in order to ride, and only two people are allowed in each seat (four people in each car). This might be a problem if you’re visiting alone with two kids because one has to ride in a seat alone. The ride can be a little scary so we would skip this ride if I took the kids by myself; I’m sure Cooper wouldn’t want to sit alone. The ride operators did notice Cooper’s reluctance and offered him a shield carry during the ride, which made a huge difference.

The Dragon Quest Ride has been replaced by the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride! Check out the full post about the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride for information, pictures, and a video.

– Master Model Builder – Workshops are available to learn from a Master Builder how to make certain projects. We haven’t tried any of the workshops yet because I think my kids are still a little young to enjoy it.

– Lego Factory Tour – Receive a tour of the “Lego Factory” with animated workers and sounds. Kids get to press buttons to help “make” a Lego block. At the end of the tour they receive a souvenir Legoland block.

– Lego Studios 4D Cinema – This is the highlight of the day for Cooper. There are three different movies available – Bob the Builder, The Adventures of Clutch Powers, and Spellbreaker – that are about 15 minutes long each. All are in 3D and have extra “4D” effects: wind, snow, and water (just a mist). Movies play one after another so when it’s not busy you’re invited to stay in the theatre to watch the next movie, but even on the weekends I’ve never seen the theatre full, so there’s really no wait to see the movies.

– Technicycle – Fly through the air using pedal power in these two-seater bikes, and the faster you pedal the faster and higher you climb. Cooper’s tall enough to ride this one, but not tall enough to reach the pedals, and Dexter is too short to ride. This one is definitely impossible if you don’t have an adult for each kid, unless the kids are much older than mine, but it’s a lot of fun if you can ride.

– Princess Palace – This is a small play area with a castle entrance, pink table, and pink castle blocks mixed in with the regular Legos.

– Lego Racers Build & Test Zone – This is the biggest portion of the upstairs, made up of building areas to build race cars and racetracks to race them. There are also challenges, such as “build your favorite animal”, that kids can receive a small prize for completing.

– Soft Play Zone – This is Dexter’s favorite area – a giant jungle gym with slides. It’s located just across from the Cafe, with seating nearby so parents can relax while watching the kids play.

The Soft Play Zone has been improved and expanded into the LEGO City Construction Site Play Zone. Read more about it and see picture in my Toddler Tuesday post

– Duplo Village – This is great for babies or toddlers because the blocks are huge and soft. From what I’ve seen, older kids (including adults!) seem to enjoy them too, because they’re large enough for them to make a house they can fit inside.

– Earthquake – Build a tower on these special pads, then turn the dial to see if it can survive an earthquake.

We paid: Nothing. John and I have LDC Unlimited Passes we purchased for $35 each. We purchased an Unlimited Pass for Cooper shortly after his third birthday (kids under 3 are free) on Groupon for $22. Dexter is free. We visited with my friend Joslyn, and her daughters who are 3 and 1, and they paid $14, using the coupon available from Oaklee’s Guide.

Our experience:
We were curious about Legoland for a long time before visiting, but the prices always scared us away. We finally decided to take a gamble and purchase the LDC Unlimited Passes online. We’ve been several times since then, and purchased an Unlimited Pass for Cooper once he was old enough to have to pay admission. We’ve been very pleased with our membership. Cooper loves Legoland and asks to go there any time we go to Schaumburg.
Not being able to bring food in is a big drawback for me and I don’t like that you have to walk through the gift shop to exit, but I have no major complaints.
There are a couple things that my kids are too young for, but we have plenty to do to fill a morning there, and they don’t seem to get bored when we visit regularly. I was concerned that our boys would be too young to enjoy it, but I think they’re actually just the right age. I think Legoland is a really great place for toddlers and younger elementary school children; pre-teens would probably move through the place pretty quickly and be bored.


Legoland Discovery Center has given me free passes to giveaway! These passes can be used for adult or child admission to the Legoland Discovery Center in Schaumburg, IL.

To enter:

  • Comment on this post. Let me know what you like or don’t like about my blog, or a place you’d like to see me post about. Please be sure there’s some way I can contact you if you win; if you’re not a Facebook fan please be sure you include your email address in your comment or that it’s in your profile.

Extra entries (must complete above entry first):

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Please leave me a comment for EACH entry and your email address if it is not in your profile for each entry that you complete above so I can accurately pick a winner. This contest ends March 18, 2011. Thanks everyone and good luck! Any comments that do not meet the requirements will be disqualified! This contest is only open to US residents.


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  46. Wanted to mention that I was there on 3/25/2012 and they did have high chairs for young ones. I also noticed that some people did bring in outside food; no one checks bags or patrols the cafe area. My parents walked in with a Trader Joe’s bag (filled with nothing edible) and no one said anything.

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