Making Life Easier: Walgreens Medication Refills #WalgreensRX

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One of my goals in 2014 is to be a bit more frugal with my time. I’d like to spend more time with my kids and having fun and less time running errands. Thankfully, Walgreens helps out by making medication refills are easy.

Walgreens offers lots of convenient ways to manage prescriptions.

About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I am required to take medication every day, probably for the rest of my life. My husband is diabetic and also requires daily medication too.

With the Walgreens website I can manage my prescription and my husband’s. If the kids have prescriptions I can manage those too.


I rely on the Refill Reminder Emails. With 3 kids I’m pretty busy and even when I notice that my medication is getting low I don’t always remember to refill it. With the email reminders all I have to do is send a quick reply and my prescription is refilled. I get another email when my prescription is ready and then I just pick it up when I’m out with the kids or running other errands.



One of the great features on the Walgreens site is the Pharmacy Chat. Anytime, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day you can chat with a pharmacist to ask questions about over-the-counter or prescription medications including things like medication interactions and side effects.



If I’m not at home or don’t have access to my computer, Walgreens has an app that I have on my phone. This is great to refill prescriptions or check the status of a prescription. I can even find out if I have more refills left or if I need my doctor to call in a new prescription. This is great to have access to at the doctor’s office!



I love that I can pick up prescriptions through the Walgreens drive thru; it’s so much easier than having to unbuckle three kids from carseats, drag them into the store, and get them back into their seats.

Walgreens also offers free shipping for prescriptions. This is a great option for people like my parents who live in a very rural area and it’s quite a drive to any pharmacies. New prescription orders get free 2-day shipping and after then free standard shipping.

Don’t forget to sign up for Walgreens Balance Rewards and have your card scanned when you pick up your prescriptions so you can earn Balance Reward points!

 Thanks for giving me more time with my kids Walgreens!


  1. I need to let my in-laws know about the free shipping for prescriptions. They don’t live anywhere near a Walgreens store but take several prescriptions regularly and I just know they’re not getting all of the features that Walgreens offers. #client

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