Creating a Baby Gift Basket at Marshall’s

Baby gift basket items from Marshall's

September often brings to mind school, changing leaves, and football, but what about birthdays? Did you know that September is the most common birthday month in the United States? I didn’t until I saw this heat map, but I do see a lot of birthday notifications lately! Of course, birthdays mean babies. It’s not statistically surprising that we have a couple family friends who are pregnant now and welcoming new babies very soon. If you’re experiencing a baby boom among your friends, or you’re expecting, Marshall’s has you covered.

If you’re a Marshall’s shopper like me, you know they offer a huge selection of high quality, on-trend, and designer items. Best of all, their prices are fantastic every day, allowing your to get those items your can’t normally afford, or to buy even more. Marshall’s is a great place to shop whether you’re looking to update your entire wardrobe, or just looking for a new and exciting addition to it. And that goes for kids too! My kids love shopping at Marshall’s because the prices allow us to buy even more items they love.

Expanded selection of baby items at Marshall’s

In honor of the birthday boom in September, Marshall’s is offering an expanded selection of baby items sure to surprise you. In fact, you may think you’re at an expensive boutique. Not only are there adorable outfits, but Marshall’s also has plush and educational toys, baby decor, and everything moms need.

Baby outfits on display at Marshall's

Boutique baby items available at Marshall's

Campbell and I went on a shopping outing to Marshall’s last week. We were greeted by some beautiful baby outfits and a gift display near the front of the store. The signs encouraged me to “create your own gift baskets” and that’s exactly what we did.

Baby items to create gift baskets at Marshall's

We were shopping for two baby girls so I spent a lot of time exploring the pink section of the baby department. With three boys, it’s an area I don’t spend much time in usually. I just can’t get enough of these little sweater sets (with a tiny little sweater beret!) and all the gorgeous outfits.

Baby clothing department at Marshall's

There was a lot to choose from. Best of all, there were awesome gifts. Not just the packages of onesies or towels, but really beautiful plush blankets, sparkly shoes and accessories, and gift sets that looks like they come from a fancy boutique.

Pink baby items at Marshall's

Baby blanket gift sets at Marshall's

It was difficult to choose what to get, but Campbell helped me. Pretty soon, we had a cart full of gorgeous baby items I can’t wait to gift to our friends! We even found an adorable pink polka dot storage bin (at an amazing price) to hold all the gifts. Even better than a gift basket!

Cart full of baby gifts from Marshall's

Pink baby girl gift basket full of #MarshallsSurprise items

I was astonished by the number of amazing gifts we got a Marshall’s on our budget. I spent less than $100 and bought high quality items that I think my friends will love.

Baby towel set, age blocks, & shoe set from Marshall's

You can never have too many hooded bath towels and wash cloths so I think these will come in handy. I also got these adorable photo blocks to help document baby at various week and month markers. And this shoe and bow set is adorable! Perfect for photos or a special occasion.

Two baby girls outfits and shoe set from Marshall's

I couldn’t decide between these two outfits so I had to get them both. Ones a little more casual, the other’s kinda fancy. And both have polka dot leggings!

Baby gift set, swaddle blankets, and plush lovey from Marshall's

It took me forever to master the swaddle, but when I did it was life-changing. I hope these muslin swaddle blankets bring some peace to baby (and mom & dad)! The gift set on the right was the first thing I picked out and I love it – a onesie, pants, a hat, and booties. And “the snuggle is real”?? I can’t even. That’s so cute! The pink lovey is so soft that I just want to snuggle with it.

And here’s the whole shebang, all in the storage bin we bought. I’m really excited to gift this!

Storage bin and pink baby gifts from Marshall's

What’s the best #MarshallsSurprise you’ve ever found? What’s your favorite baby gift from the ones I chose? 

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