Mother’s Day Style Candles Giveaway

Watermelon Style Candles - Toddling Around Chicagoland #giveaway

Happy Mother’s Day! I have a special giveaway for the mom out there today.

Style Candles is a family-owned business run by Sean and Andrea, a husband and wife team in Maine. Each Style Candle, besides being scented, contains a surprise. After 10-15 hours of burning, the wax will reveal a piece of jewelry, either a ring or necklace, valued at $10 to $5,000. The candles are hand crafted in Maine with all natural soy wax. Each candle has an average of 80 hours of burn time.

Style Candles is giving a free candle to one lucky reader. Good luck!

Linen Style Candle - Toddling Around Chicagoland #giveaway

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  1. melissa perez says

    I love the classic Fresh Linen but Cake sounds pretty awesome too. These candles are just to neat!

  2. The Cake scent jumped out at me right away. I love sweet smells.

  3. kristin b says

    Cake! Or linen

  4. Samantha says

    I actually LOVE the Fresh Linen scent!

  5. Watermelon or fresh linen sound great

  6. Fresh linen would make the house smell wonderful!

  7. Hey everyone,

    It’s Sean from Style Candles. Thanks so much for entering our giveaway! Please let me know if you have any questions. Our contact info is right on the website! Good luck!


  8. Angela L says

    The coconut lime sounds yummy!

  9. Heidi K. says

    My favorite scent is teakwood.

  10. amanda whitley says

    i would love to try the cake scented candle

  11. Deborah Gardner says

    I would love the cake candle! Mhm!

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