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I must confess – I’m not a Disney fanatic. I’m familiar with the classic Disney stories like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Snow White, but princess and princes just aren’t my thing. I’ve never been a big Mickey fan either.

However, I have been pretty excited about some of the more recent movies, especially the Disney Pixar and Disney Marvel movies.

Fall is officially here now and our fall schedule is in full swing – school, extracurricular activities, weeknight meetings, etc. It’s rare to have really family time lately (that’s not spent in the car), so when we can get together it’s nice to do something that’s relaxing and the whole family can enjoy, like watching a movie on Netflix.

You may have heard months ago about a deal between Netflix and Disney; now it’s here! As of September, Netflix is the exclusive US pay home tv outlet for new Disney releases. That means that you’ll see NEW Disney favorites popping up on Netflix after they leave the theaters.

September brought Zootopia to Netflix and if you missed it in theaters I highly recommend you stream it right now. It’s definitely something my whole family loved. Judy Hopps is the first rabbit on the police force in Zootopia, a city filled with animals of all kinds, but something strange is happening and it’s up to Judy and Nick Wilde, a sneaky fox, to uncover the truth. It’s cute and funny, but it also has a great message. Many of the animals in Zootopia struggle with stereotypes and prejudices and they must overcome these and come to understand that judging people (or animals, in this case) because of bias and fear is wrong.

Netflix #StreamTeam - Zootopia - September 2016 [ad]

Netflix also has a few of the Disney classics, like Tarzan and Robin Hood, along with other newer releases like Pirates of the Caribbean, Holes, Mulan II, and the Finest Hours.

Netflix #StreamTeam - Disney Collection Spotlight [ad]

Another confession: I have never seen any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The Curse of the Black Pearl is definitely on my “must watch” list now that I can stream it on Netflix!

Netflix has other new stuff too:

Netflix #StreamTeam - New on Netflix Sept 2016 [ad]

What Disney movie are you looking forward to seeing on Netflix? I can’t wait to see which ones they’ll have!

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