Netflix Streaming the Sicks Days Away

Netflix Streaming the Sick Days Away #StreamTeam [ad]

The past month has been pretty brutal in terms of illness in our family. We had a grand total of four colds (Cooper dodged that bullet) and six diagnoses of strep throat (I had it twice!). Ouch. Needless to say, we didn’t do a lot of adventuring, or working, or – well, anything. I’m not even sure how many times I called schools informing them one of the kids would be taking a sick day, John missed several days of work, and I had several days during the month were the only thing I managed to do was make sure the kids stayed alive all day. Some days there was just one person in the family sick; other days it was a few of us. At one point all three kids and I were on antibiotics.

Netflix Streaming the Sick Days Away #StreamTeam [ad]

Through it all, we were able to depend on Netflix Streaming  to save the day. It kept our minds off of feeling yucky and it was a lifesaver for me because it kept the kids entertained when I wasn’t able to do much more than get out of bed.

Cooper and Dexter loved watching Mighty Med and Lab Rats. Campbell and Dexter like Kate & Mim-Mim and Animal Mechanicals. With a 5-year gap between them, Cooper and Campbell don’t often agree on tv shows, but all three boys like Odd Squad. We had a lot of family movie/tv show nights (or days). When the whole family is together we like to watch shows like America’s Test Kitchen or Chopped, or movies like Daddy Day Care.

If you’ve got teens, Fuller House is a fun family option. It’s the same silly fun you remember from Full House, but a bit of content a little to old for my little ones.



Fuller House #StreamTeam

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What are your favorite shows to stream on sick days? 

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