New LEGO Shows Added to Netflix Streaming

New LEGO Shows Added to Netflix Streaming #StreamTeam [ad]

As always, a new month means new additions to the Netflix Streaming library and March brought two LEGO shows – LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship and LEGO Bionicle: The Journey to One.

Netflix #StreamTeam - Lego Friends and Bionicle March 2016

As part of the Netflix #StreamTeam, we got to celebrate the arrival of these shows with a couple new LEGO sets:

Lego Friends & Bionicles #StreamTeam

The kids were pretty jazzed about this, and quickly called “dibs” (LEGO Friends for Dexter, LEGO Bionicle for Cooper) and started working on assembling the sets. The Bionicle has been built and taken apart several times already, but Dexter prefers to keep his set assembled and on display on his LEGO shelf.

LEGO Friends set #StreamTeam

Of course, we’re huge LEGO fans (I mean, who isn’t??) and the kids love watching LEGO shows on Netflix like LEGO: Legends of Chima and LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, and often build with LEGOs while watching Netflix.

Dexter really likes the LEGO Friends episodes, so the addition of LEGO Friends: Power of Friendship is exciting. I like the LEGO Friends shows because they emphasize teamwork and friendship; characters make mistakes, but in the end work together to help each other and others.

Cooper has been pretty busy lately with school projects and hasn’t watched LEGO Bionicles yet, but I know it will be a show both the older boys will like. The Bionicles are warriors with powers from the elements who go on quests, so it sounds like it’ll fit right in with some of their favorite Netflix Streaming shows like LEGO Ninjago, Power Rangers, Dragons: Race to the Edge, and Pokemon.

Here are some other great LEGO favorites you can stream on Netflix:

Netflix #StreamTeam - Lego shows March 2016

Don’t love LEGOs? Or looking for something a little different?

New on Netflix for Tweens, Teens, and Families

Netflix #StreamTeam - New on Netflix for Tweens, Teens, and Families March 2016

Do your kids love to combine LEGOs and Streaming? What other shows inspire them? 

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