New Year, Fresh Start with Netflix Streaming

New Year, Fresh Start with Netflix #StreamTeam [ad]

I love a new year, a blank calendar, and a fresh start. Even though we’re already a month into 2016, it still feels fresh and new and I’m enjoying planning my year, looking forward to new adventures, and making sure I focus on the things that are most important this year.

While I fill my planner and prepare my calendar, I often watch Netflix. Even though it’s been out for a little while, John and I just recently watched Jessica Jones. I’m not a superhero/comic book fan generally, but I love watching shows with strong women and Jessica Jones is definitely one of those shows. I love drama, suspense, and psychological thrillers and again, Jessica Jones fits the bill.

Jessica Jones #StreamTeam

I’m also a big Doctor Who fan, especially love #10, played by David Tennant – so much so that one of my children has Tennant as a middle name (no joke) = so it’s especially interesting to see him in an entirely different role playing the evil mastermind, or “big bad” as he’s referred to in the show.

Jessica Jones - David Tennant #StreamTeam

If you haven’t seen Jessica Jones yet, it’s a show based on one of the lesser-known Marvel characters, Jessica Jones. Jessica has super powers, but also has a tragic, painful past that returns to haunt her. She has to find a way to overcome the things that have happened to her and use what she’s learned to become more powerful and do good for the world.

Despite Jessica’s amazing super powers, she’s not the type of character you’d envy, but I think she is a very relatable character. She has suffered, she has hurt people (even when she did not want to), and she’s made mistakes, but she’s also strong, takes responsibility, and tries to help the people around her. No one is perfect, and we all have our own obstacles to overcome, but the important thing is to draw strength from the difficult times and focus on doing good.

John and I enjoy watching all of the adventures on Jessica Jones, but it’s not a show I can watch with the kids.

During the day, we prefer family adventures. Netflix recently introduced a new show, based on The Croods movie, called the Dawn of the Croods, where we can see the prehistoric Croods experiencing new adventures – and disasters – as a family. My kids can definitely relate to the kids in the Croods, who often have to deal with a very over-protective parent (like me!).

Croods family adventures #StreamTeam Jan 2016


Here are some other new shows you can enjoy with your family:

New on Netflix #StreamTeam Jan 2016

What new adventures are you planning to embark on this year? How will overcome obstacles? How will you focus on doing good? And what shows on Netflix are most inspiring or relatable to you?

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