Our latest adventures…

So you haven’t been reading about many of our adventures here as usual. Sorry about that, but we have been busy!

A couple months ago we moved from the Southwest side of Chicago to the Northwest suburbs. I’m still struggling to get used to a few things – not listening to traffic, planes, and trains all night; water that isn’t Chicago water (it just doesn’t taste as good here!); and putting the garbage in front of our house instead of in the alley – but we’re really happy here.

When we weren’t unpacking we were celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

And if that wasn’t enough, my husband left his job and he has opened his own law firm, The Parisi Law Firm! He’ll be handling criminal law and family law (divorce, paternity, child support) in McHenry, Kane, Lake, DeKalb, Winnebago, and Boone counties so if you know of anyone needing legal help check out his website.

We have been finding some time for adventuring lately and I have lots of posts I’m working on. Expect to see posts on the Volo Auto Museum, Kidsnips, The Cove at Lake Geneva, and more coming soon!


  1. Wow, that is a lot of change in just a few months. I hope everything works out just the way you want it to and that your family has a wonderful and healthy year ahead!

  2. Didn’t realize you moved! I can imagine it being much much more quiet than your last house! I remember when I moved away from my house growing up that My window faced a fire station. It was so quiet when I left there! Hope you settle in soon and congrats to your husband and family!

  3. what an exciting adventure for you. can’t wait to hear all about it your area

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