Pennzoil and Walmart Keep My Dirty Car Clean

Pennzoil & Walmart Keep My Dirty Car Clean #DropShopandOil #ad

It’s been winter for at least 20 months now (or at least that’s what it feels like!) and my car is perpetually dirty. It’s covered in dirt and salt and is generally gross, but it’s too cold to wash it as often as I’d like. While it may not be pretty, the important thing is that I keep my car clean on the inside. Not just the interior, but the engine. Thanks to Pennzoil, Walmart Automotive Care Center, & #CollectiveBias for this #DropShopandOil opportunity to tell you about how I keep it that way!

We spend a lot of time in the car running errands, taking kids to and from school and activities, and going on family adventures, so it’s really important to me to keep it in good shape, even if it’s not pretty all the time. Of course, it’s hard to make time for maintenance when I’m running errands, taking kids to and from school and activities, and going on adventures. Luckily, Walmart Automotive Center gives me the chance to get an oil change while I’m tackling some of the “to dos” on my list.

Last week I visited Walmart with Campbell while the older two boys were at school. Normally, bringing a 2-year-old along for car maintenance would be something I’d hate to do, but at Walmart I can do some shopping and have plenty of ways to keep Campbell entertained. We arrived early and dropped the van off at the Automotive Care Center.

BONUS: The parking lot near the Automotive Center is always nearly empty so we beat the crowds at the front of the store and get a spot near the entrance and spend less time in the cold!

Pennzoil & Walmart Keep My Dirty Car Clean #DropShopandOil #ad

The Walmart Automotive Center has Pennzoil products, which offer a lot of protection for your vehicle:

  • Helps clean out sludge lesser oils leave behind,
  • Designed for complete protection and will allow you to drive an extra 550 miles per year vs. a dirty engine, and
  • No other motor oil provided better protection from friction.

I chose Pennzoil High Mileage Vehicle oil because my van has a lot of miles. It helps to reduce leaks and oil consumption in worn or higher mileage engines, and it’s specifically designed for new or late model vehicles with over 75,000 miles, to help keep the engines running clean and going strong for a long time.

Pennzoil also offers a Conventional Motor Oil which is fortified with Active Cleaning Agents™ to continuously prevent dirt and contaminants from creating performance-robbing deposits, and Platinum (synthetic) motor oil, which offers the best cleanliness and protection in the Pennzoil line-up, with PurePlus™ Technology,which is proven to keep pistons up to 40% cleaner than the toughest industry standard. PurePlus™ Technology is a revolutionary process that converts natural gas into a 99.5% pure base oil.

Pennzoil also offers a free warranty that covers 15 engine parts that may fail due to engine wear or which experience abnormal wear due to friction. For full details, you can visit the Pennzoil Warranty Site.

Pennzoil & Walmart Keep My Dirty Car Clean #DropShopandOil #ad

It seems like I always have shopping to do so this was a perfect opportunity to stock up on everything we needed. Campbell used this opportunity to have a little fun in the cart. Hey, sit down Mister!

Pennzoil & Walmart Keep My Dirty Car Clean #DropShopandOil #ad

My little man was in a pretty cooperative mood so he helped me shop and push the cart and we got done shopping in record time.

Pennzoil & Walmart Keep My Dirty Car Clean #DropShopandOil #ad

We deserved a special treat, so we decided to share a morning snack before picking up the van. Yum!

Pennzoil & Walmart Keep My Dirty Car Clean #DropShopandOil #ad


By the time we were done with our snack, our van was ready and waiting for us at the Automotive Care Center. It was so convenient and the price was great!

If you prefer to change your own oil, there’s currently a special promotion with Ibotta, a free mobile savings app. Starting on January 21, 2015, you can receive $5 off a 5-quart bottle of Pennzoil Platinum with Pure Plus Technology.


I’m happy to know that my van will be clean on the inside and running well for all our adventures thanks to Walmart and Pennzoil!

How do you keep your car in tip-top shape?


  1. It’s so important to always take good car of our cars…especially in the middle of winter! I always make sure I get my tires rotated whenever I get my oil changed, too. Thanks for sharing! #client

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