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Plum District has closed.

My kids are too young to be in school so I’m lucky to not have to deal with school fundraisers… yet. I remember overpriced sweets that my parents were guilted into selling it, felt guilty about selling to friends and family, and friends and family buying them (most likely out of guilt). I’m not looking forward to having to do that for my kids.

Plum District, a daily deal site geared toward moms, is now offering school fundraisers and (wait for it…) there’s NO buying or selling involved. That’s right. The economy is bad and everyone’s trying to stretch every penny. How great would it be to raise money for your child’s school without having to spend a cent or having to ask other people to spend money? With this fundraiser, Plum District will give your school $3 for every parent, family member, or friend who registers from Plum District. That’s it. Super easy, no buying or selling, and the potential for lots of money for your child’s school. Currently, these fundraisers are available for all Chicago schools and all North Shore schools. In the future, they will be available for schools south and west of Chicago. (Soon, I hope.. I’d love to suggest this when my oldest starts school!)

How it works:

  • Fill out the online form to sign up your school.
  • Plum District Chicago will send the appointed person a unique referral link for your school and an email template to send out to parents.
  • Publicize the link to parents, friends, and family. This can be by email, fliers sent home with kids, etc.
  • For each person that signs up for Plum District using your school’s referral link, the school will receive $3.
  • Within 4 weeks of the end of your school’s fundraiser, Plum District will send you a check. There’s no limit to the number of people who can sign up and the money your school can make!

Sound good? Well hurry up and get your school involved because:

  • If you fill out the online form before September 30, your school will be entered to win an additional $250, and
  • The Chicago school that raises the most money through their Plum District fundraiser by October 31 will receive an additional $300!

Have any questions? Contact Stacey at

I will receive a Plum District deal for posting information about this program, but all opinions expressed are my own.

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