Power the Creativity

Power the Creativity with Energizer and Crayola

I recently had the opportunity to attend a Power the Creativity event with Energizer and Crayola and I’m excited to tell you about it!

Cooper spends hours every day coloring and drawing pictures and he loves doing artwork of any kind so Crayola is a huge favorite in our house. I was excited to learn about some of their products we didn’t have yet.

When we arrived at the event and found tables full of Crayola art products. Both boys were excited to try the Color Wonder paint set, which has a palette of clear paint that magically appears in color on the Color Wonder paper.

Cooper eventually moved on to coloring with colored pencils and markers. Dexter was happy to continue painting with the Color Wonder paints. We tried to use the Glow Book, but couldn’t really figure out how it was supposed to work. I later looked at the box to see how it worked and it looked really cool. It’s something I think the boys would like a lot if we read the directions and got it working.

We moved to a dark room to try out the glow products. Both boys tried the Light Designer and it was pretty cool. We didn’t really get to try the Glow Dome, but we spent quite a bit of time using the Sketcher Projector. Kids can project their pictures onto the ceiling or the wall. We all loved it, but I couldn’t get a good picture of it in the dark. I’m thinking of getting the Sketcher Projector for the boys for Christmas.

We had a fantastic time at the Power the Creativity event and found lots of new Crayola projects to add to the boys Christmas lists.

The tables at the event were decorated with Energizer Flameless Wax Candles. I’ve seen flameless candles before, but I always thought they looked fake. The Energizer flameless candles are very realistic though – they are wax and they flicker like a real candle does. Even better – they are scented and they can be set to stay lit for 4, 6, or 8 hours and will turn on at the same time each day. They run on 4 AA batteries which will power the candle for 800 hours. You can choose from a variety of colors and scents.

It’s great that these candles are safe and I don’t have to worry about using them around the kids. In fact, when their normal nightlight stopped working recently, we used an Energizer Flameless Wax Candle in their room until we could replace it.

At the event I learned about the new Energizer MAX batteries. They have a shelf life of 10 years! I know what you’re thinking – if you’ve got kids you go through batteries so fast you’ll never need a shelf life of 10 years, but even if that’s the case these are great for an emergency kit for your house! A flashlight, long-lasting batteries, first aid supplies, and other disaster supplies should be ready in every home. We don’t have an emergency kit, but I will definitely be putting one together and including the Energizer MAX batteries.

You can find the Energizer Flamesless Wax Candles and Energizer MAX batteries on the Energizer site, and like the Energizer Facebook page.

Energizer and Crayola have a great promotion going on right now. With the Power the Creativity with Energizer and Crayola promotion when you purchase specially marked packages of AA or AAA 16-packs of Energizer Max batteries you’ll receive $20 in coupons for select Crayola products, including the Digital Light Designer, Sketcher Projector, Light-Up Tracing Pad, Glow Book or Glow Dome, and Color Wonder products.

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Energizer. I attended an event and received promotional items to thank me for my participation. All opinions are my own. 

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