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Custom QR Codes from QRt.co and Why You Need Them

Have you heard of QR codes? Even if you haven’t, you have seen them. You’ll find them on business cards, packaging for different products (including food), and advertising. QR Codes, or Quick Response Codes, are like UPC codes. They are patterns of square dots that can be scanned by smart phones or other electronic devices to provide information. Use your smartphone to scan a QR code on a product and your phone can link you directly to the companies website.

As a blogger, I’ve been realizing lately how much I need a QR code for things like business cards. I went to a site and created a QR code for free, but it’s an ugly black splotch and I haven’t really had any urge to add them to my cute business cards. Sure, it’s useful, but who wants this blob on a colorful business card?

Just a couple weeks ago I heard about QRt.co, a site where you can create custom QR codes.

Use the QRt.co custom code generator to create your custom QR code for only $9.95.

If you’re a blogger or small business owner, a QR code is a no-brainer. If not, you’re probably asking why you would need a QR code. Here are just a few things you can do with a QR code:

  • Add one to your Christmas cards or newsletter to help family members connect to your Facebook page, personal blog, or photo site so they can keep up with your family year round.
  • Include it on a birthday invitation so guests can see more information about the venue or party information.
  • Link to a registry on invitations to a wedding or baby shower.
  • Put one on a baby announcement so friends and family can watch the baby grow on your YouTube channel or photo sharing site.

There are so many options on QRt.co – template, colors, shapes, and you can even add your own image or logo. I spent quite a while on the QRt.co site customizing my code, but it’s really a quick process. You can easily finish in a few minutes (unless you enjoy testing out every single option and color like I do!). There’s no need for any special knowledge or anything – just choose the web address you’d like the QR code to link to and then choose from the options to customize it.

Be sure you test the code BEFORE you purchase it; you can scan it on your computer screen and print it out and scan it to be sure it works. QR codes are meant to be black on white for maximum contrast for QR readers, so choosing custom colors can affect the scannability of the code.

As you can see on the one I made at the top of this post, I chose red and blue and I was able to include the Toddling Around Chicagoland logo in the center. I think it’s actually really cute and I’m anxious to add it to business cards and anything else I can think of!

Do you have a QR code or have you considered creating one? What other uses do you have for it?

I received custom QRt.co products in exchange for my honest opinion through Blog Friendly PR. No compensation was received.

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