Refreshing and Recharging on a Busy Day: A Step by Step Guide

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Sandwich, side and Coca-Cola lunch combo from Schnucks

As a mom, I often feel like I’m moving a hundred miles an hour in twelve different directions. There are times that my day is so busy and I’m so frazzled from making sure everyone gets fed, clothed, and cared for, that I forget to take care of myself, including eating meals. If I’m going to be a good mom, that has to stop. Taking care of me has to be a priority too!

Refreshing and recharging, especially on the busy days, is important for your whole family. You can’t take care of them if you’re run down and wiped out. Here’s a great way to refresh and recharge:

Step 1: Feed yourself!

So the other day when I was out running errands away from my house so I checked out the Schnucks store locator and found one close to where I was. I didn’t have a lot of time for lunch, but Schnucks makes it fast and easy to get a yummy lunch.

exterior of Schnucks store

These are ADORABLE, but thankful I was between kids at the moment and shopping on my own. I’ll keep this in mind for the future because there are Schnucks store locations throughout Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Missouri.

mini carts for kids at Schnucks

Schnucks offers a lunch combo that is affordable and delicious, and it’s so easy to grab and go so you can eat at home, in a park, or even in the car waiting for kids to finish activities.

Interior Schnucks store

sandwiches and drinks at Schnucks store

There are plenty of choices for your sandwich, side, and drink. I got a delicious honey turkey sandwich and a Coca-Cola™. I love having a Coca-Cola with my lunch because it adds a little sweetness and a nice little caffeine boost.

Sandwich, side, and Coke

Does that look delicious? Because it was!

Step 2: Find some time

I know. This is the toughest step. Maybe it can be while the kids are at school or activities, or while they’re particularly involved in a game and you have a few minutes of peace. Often, for me, it’s in the car between drop-offs, pick-ups, and errands. I take what I can get, even if it’s just a few minutes.

Step 3: Pick a relaxing activity (or two, or more)

Reading a book, painting my nails, coloring, or reading are a few of the activities I love because I can do them almost anywhere. They’re little luxuries, but I can enjoy them if I have 5 minutes or an hour. Add a Coca-Cola to that, and I’m ready to tackle another busy day.

Step 4: Be prepared

You never know how a day is going to turn out, so be ready. Find a Schnucks near you so you know where you can go for a quick and delicious meal. I also like to keep a little “Me Bag” packed in my car. In it, I pack a book, a notebook, a coloring book with some gel pens, and a bottle of nail polish. I can add a cold Coca-Cola to it too. Sometimes those little breaks pop up when you’re not expecting them, so it’s great to be ready.

Relaxing things for moms

Mom's bag of relaxing things

Step 5: ENJOY

Feel no guilt! I know, it’s almost as hard as finding free time, but it’s a necessity. To really feel refreshed and recharged you have to actually relax and enjoy it. Remember that it’s not just for you. Your family benefits when you feel better.


Now do it!

It’s time to get started. To find a Schnucks near you, visit the Schnucks store locator.

I’d love to hear how you refresh and recharge. Let me know in the comments below. 


  1. Yes! Refreshing and recharging (and eating!!) is so important as a mom! I love reading to recharge, too!

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