Reinventing Yourself with Netflix


Reinventing Yourself With Netflix

If there’s one thing that parenthood has taught me, it’s that sometimes you have to break out of your comfort zone.

Part of it is because parenting changes you. I’m shy, and usually pretty quiet, and agreeable, but sometimes when I’m trying to protect or help my kids, Mama Bear comes out. For a few days, or hours, or maybe just minutes, the passive wallflower disappears and I’m a whole new person.

The other part is that kids are masters of reinvention. It’s actually really inspiring! One minute they’re a dog, the next they’re an artist, and then they’re a superhero. They’re better than adults at not feeling inhibited or bound by other people’s perceptions of them.

I hope that I can continue to be inspired by my kids’ ability to reinvent themselves, and I also hope I can teach them what a wonderful thing it is so they never lose it!

Netflix introduced Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt this month and it’s all about reinvention. Kimmy is trying to leave behind her old life in a doomsday cult bunker for a brand new life in New York City. Kimmy’s roommate, Tituss, and her friend and employer, Jaqueline, are reinventing themselves, too. It’s inspiring – and hilarious – and if you haven’t watched it yet you should try it out.

Of course, Netflix Streaming has lots of other movies about characters who reinvent themselves. It’s a great thing to discuss with your kids when you watch these shows with them. You can ask questions like: How does the character change? Why do they change? Is it a good change? What do you think it would be a good reason for someone to change? What would be a bad reason? (This might even be a good time to bring up topics of peer pressure and bullying too!)

For the little ones:

March Netlix Stream Team - young children

For older kids:

March Netlix Stream Team - older children

For teens and parents:

March Netlix Stream Team - grown ups

Freaks and Geeks is a favorite show of mine. My husband forced me to watch it because he loved it and I fell in love with it, t0o. It’s really unfortunate that it didn’t last longer than it did, but it’s fun to watch some of our favorite actors – James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Jason Segel – when they were just getting started.

What’s your favorite show or movie about someone who reinvents themself?

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