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This quote has popped up a few places recently and has got me thinking a lot about how I spend my money and what kind of world I want. Often, I’m not very happy about the vote I’m casting. It’s something I’m trying to at least be a bit more conscious about. Money is tight in our house (as I’m sure it is in most households), so I often have to choose what we can afford instead of what I’d like to support, but whenever possible I’m trying to spend my money on businesses that are local, environmentally friendly, or family owned.

Running Toddling Around Chicagoland for over a year now (WOW!) I’ve come across some great businesses and resources that I love to share with readers. I decided to add a “Resources” page to the blog to highlight these businesses that are local, environmentally friendly, or family owned (or sometimes all three). The businesses listed in the resource guide did NOT pay for this listing; they are businesses I’ve had personal experience with that I hope you’ll like to help support.

Check out the new Resources page now!

What kind of votes do you cast with your money? What businesses do you try to support when you can? I’d love to hear any of your favorites!


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