Reunited and It Feels So Good with Netflix

Reunited and it feels so good with Netflix #StreamTeam

We all have times in our life when we have to say goodbye to people that are important to us. For years, you see them regularly and they become part of your routine. You know their family, friends, job… everything about them. Sometimes you’re drawn to them because they remind you of yourself. Sometimes it’s because they are so very different from you that it’s fun to live vicariously through them. Sometimes, you don’t even like them – maybe you even despise them, but you still meet – same time, same place every week.

Sometimes you know it’s coming. There’s fanfare and a big goodbye; it’s sad, but really… you know it’s time.

Other times it’s sudden; no warning. One minute they’re there, the next… gone. You’re left feeling unsatisfied. There’s no closure.

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Thankfully, with Netflix Streaming, goodbye isn’t forever.

Netflix has lots of your favorite shows that have already ended or have been cancelled. For me, The West Wing is my number 1 favorite show of all time and I was crushed when it ended, but I can watch it as much as I want on Netflix Streaming.

I picked out some more of my favorites in a couple categories.

First of all, we have:

The Classics

Netflix #StreamTeam - Classics

I’ll admit I’m not a huge M*A*S*H fan, but John was so excited to find it on Netflix. The rest of the shows I love; we even watch Star Trek with the kids sometimes and they really like it. I’m sure will introduce them to The Wonder Years sometime soon too, although John still hasn’t forgiven the writers for the way the show ended.

Next are some popular shows you probably saw the first time around, but you still love. They’re:

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Netflix #StreamTeam - Gone, But Not Forgotten

I’ve seen every episode of every one of these shows. In the case of Friends and The West Wing, there are episodes I’ve probably seen 10 times or more. I can not express how much I miss the West Wing. It is, hands down, my favorite show ever.

The shows on this next list are not quite as popular. If you missed them the first time around now’s your chance to remedy that! They’re gone, but you get a second chance to discover them.

Second Chance

Netflix #StreamTeam - Second Chance

I’m looking at this list and realizing I like a lot of sci-fi and crime shows.

I’m a champ at finding amazing, but totally underappreciated shows. Or maybe my taste is just really bad. Either way, I often have the kiss of death when it comes to tv shows. If I like it, it’ll probably be cancelled, or it already was cancelled years ago. These shows are awesome (well, at least I think so!), and I (sadly) didn’t discover some of them until they were already gone. They showed great promise and are totally worth watching if you haven’t seen them yet, but beware – they were cancelled quickly (like after just one season) or abruptly and didn’t have the opportunity to have a proper ending. Some even end with cliffhangers. I call them my:

Unrequited Loves

Netflix #StreamTeam - Unrequited Loves

What about you? What characters or shows do you really miss? Do you have any favorite shows you discovered only after they were cancelled?

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